Taiyuan is an inclusive city

Let’s start with a story. When I first came to Taiyuan, I was a stranger in the city.Found a job to go to work, there are a lot of people from various places in the unit, there are yuncheng Changzhi in the south of Shanxi, datong Shuozhou in the north of Shanxi, of course, there are also taiyuan natives.South Shanxi people are relatively smart, north Shanxi people are relatively honest and honest, to say taiyuan people, I think of the word is: inclusive.Taiyuan is a tolerant city, Taiyuan people will be tolerant to the extreme.The head of my department is a taiyuan native with a strong Taiyuan accent and typical Characteristics of Taiyuan people.When I went to a business I did not understand, I often made mistakes. Instead of scolding him, he taught me by hand.When I was struggling with the lunch problem, he would tell me which restaurant was good and cheap nearby and take me there himself.When I meet difficulties, he will take the initiative to ask and help me solve them.The process of getting along with him made me feel very comfortable, just like one of my brothers, which made me full of warmth and imagination to life.When I left the company for personal reasons, we remained very good friends and called to check on each other from time to time.He had a profound influence on me.No matter which unit I went to work, no matter what I came into contact with, I would treat the problem with a tolerant attitude.At the same time, I also learned to put myself in others’ shoes and think from different angles.He told me: “you can’t see it from the outside, the fans can’t see it like that!”You said it like that. You said it like that.What he meant, I later learned, was that maybe what you saw, what you heard, wasn’t what really happened.That was his approach to life: tolerance.Look at everything with tolerance.The sudden outbreak of the epidemic in Taiyuan took people by surprise. The successive measures taken by the government made me see a responsible leadership group.I believe that every decision is made under great pressure after careful consideration.It is not easy to control an administrative region. How do the people in this region deal with their daily food and daily life?How the enterprises in this region solve the problem of operation;How the medical and sanitary conditions of the region are carried out;High school entrance examination is coming, the school students how to learn……All of these issues need to be taken responsibility at the moment the decision is made, and adequate countermeasures need to be taken.We need to understand how difficult it is for the government to make containment decisions. We need to tolerate flaws and disclosures in their work. There are so many things, there will always be some omissions.Outside don’t call a matter.”I saw some people on the Internet saying a lot of unpleasant things and complaining about various situations.Let’s start with the 4 positive patients. They are also the pillars of their families. They also have parents and children to support.I believe that no one wants to be infected by the virus voluntarily. I guess they will continue their work only after they have been tested for nucleic acid and feel safe.Not knowing there’s a tiger in the mountains.If things happen to their own body, their own illness is very scary, coupled with others are complaining about their own, then our mood will be gray to the extreme?Instead of blaming them, we should take good care of ourselves. We should not go to crowded places or attend parties. We should wear masks when going out and wash our hands when going home.We should carry forward the inclusiveness of Taiyuan, let the lenient mentality to treat this matter.A nurse friend went to a small store to do epidemic prevention support. When she arrived at the designated area, she was told that there was no testing reagent and she had to wait.They are used to busy work and waiting is the most difficult thing for them.Three hours later, the reagent still hasn’t come.Later, they were instructed to change the support site and began to work.Wearing protective clothing and afraid to go to the toilet, they dare not drink much water or even eat much food.Working from 7pm to 5am, I was numb with cold and my fingers worked with dexterity. Judging from the photos she took of me, my fingers were blue and stiff.Seeing such a situation, I feel very bad, let her drink some hot water.She said there was no hot water.At that time, I was very angry and felt that the service of the community staff was not in place, and I gnashed my teeth at her for a long time.Afterwards, I thought carefully about the situation at that time: they supported a community of nearly ten thousand people, which was a huge number. According to the ratio of community staff in Taiyuan, the number of community staff was very few. How could they take care of so many people and how could they do everything?They need to organize people, they need to check the situation, they need to deal with special situations, a man can’t even break into three pieces.Therefore, it is normal to not provide hot water to the medical staff in time.As angels in white, I believe they can tolerate this, their profession is so sacred, their person is so amiable and lovely.See around some people complain about being given yellow code, affecting the normal travel.If don’t at the end of the day have the time and space with the case, just from a personal perspective, we are unable to virus appears time and place, respectively, and its transmission speed and transmission, so to give yellow code, at least for their own tips and warning, let us pay more attention and vigilance, comfortable home quarantine, cooperate with nucleic acid detection.As long as three times of negative nucleic acid, we are at ease, everyone is also at ease, why not.Also just take advantage of this period of time, have a good rest at home, eat some delicious food, drink some wine, spend time with the family, leisurely leisurely, how good.We open our minds and raise our sights to see that the world is a wonderful place.Finally, no matter when you come to Taiyuan, no matter where you are in Taiyuan, you will not be discriminated against because of language barrier, they will always say;”Outside or a thing?””Not bad for my life”, “Not bad for my girl”, “Have a good life, the future looks bright”…I always get a feeling in my heart, a rush of blood.The epidemic is temporary, and the difficulties are also temporary. A better life is beckoning to us. Living in Taiyuan, one of the top ten livable cities in China, my happiness is bursting at every moment.Taiyuan received me with tolerance, and I integrated into Taiyuan with tolerance.Taiyuan is a tolerant city and its people are tolerant people.I am proud to be a member of Taiyuan.(The pictures and videos in this article are from the network, if there is infringement, contact to delete)

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