The Fushun County Committee of the “Zigong” Peasants and Labor Party carried out public welfare activities to send doctors to the countryside

In the morning of April 1, 2022, Zhang Faping, vice chairman of Fushun County Committee of the Rural Labor Party and Director of the Department of Orthopedics of the County People’s Hospital, led the party members of the rural Workers of the County People’s Hospital to the Central Health Center of Tonsi Town to carry out the public welfare activity of “helping the rural revitalization and going to the countryside for free diagnosis”.At the scene of the activity, the party members of agricultural workers patiently and carefully for the local people to solve their doubts, to provide professional guidance, Zhang Faying for the masses to consult the inspection, in view of how to prevent osteoporosis in daily life, how to scientifically supplement calcium, the prevention of the elderly fall and other content of health education, won consistent praise.Fushun County Committee of the Peasantry Labor Party relied on the advantages of the sector and professional advantages for the local people to send intimate, high-quality medical services, with practical actions to the CPC history learning and education of the feeling into the real power to do practical things for the masses, really do good things for the masses, practical things, let the masses benefit.More than 200 people were consulted, 100 people were tested for blood pressure, 100 people were tested for blood glucose, 50 people were screened for copd, more than 200 anesthesia and pain questionnaires were filled in, and more than 200 gifts were given.The members of the Peasant labor Party are professional and dedicated to their work.

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