Chengyang District implements chief data representative system

Qingdao: Recently, Chengyang District of Qingdao has introduced the “Chief Data Representative System of Chengyang District” to further improve the sharing and coordination mechanism of government data, promote the orderly circulation and integrated application of government and enterprise data, and help the construction of digital city.The system establishes the chief data representative system in Chengyang District.Among them, the chief data representative of the district was set up to coordinate data resource management and integration and innovation work of the district;Set up a district data executive officer to assist the district chief data representative to carry out work, organize and implement the district data resource management and integration and innovation work, establish and improve the coordination mechanism of government data resource management, organize and implement the annual work key points of data resource management, and implement regular guidance and supervision;Each department, unit and sub-district office of Chengyang District government has one chief data representative and one department data executive respectively, who is responsible for promoting the planning, collection, processing, sharing, opening, development and utilization of government affairs data resources of the department.The system also clarifies the operating mechanism of chief data representative and the supervision and assessment mechanism of data resources management.Source: Dazhong Daily

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