Historical Precedent: Fufeng Enters the “Golden Age”

China well-off net Exclusive features article | dongsheng fufeng flour production gradually became JinQiaoHuo, orders.From pre-purchase to snap up, flour sales demand exceeds supply, for the future development laid a good foundation.Last time, Fufeng began to turn a profit.However, although it still maintained a daily production of 2,500 packs of flour, but its products in the market began to be crowded out by flour.The Russo – Japanese War enabled Fufeng to develop. As most flour mills started by Russians in northeast China stopped production, the warring sides’ demand for flour surged, which brought opportunities to the development of Fufeng flour mill.Fufeng flour factory learned the lesson of loss, determined to base on the market, win advantages, and strive to improve product quality.It adopts the integrated operation mode of manufacturers, and sets up wheat farms to purchase wheat in producing areas, near the northern Jiangsu, Huning line, as far as Anhui, Shandong, Henan and other provinces, most of which entrust local merchants to purchase wheat on their own. Not only the varieties are complete, but also the raw materials are fully guaranteed.Also provides the wheat variety collocation proportion, every wheat into the warehouse after inspection qualitative classification storage, wheat workers wearing different colors of vest to remember, according to the collocation order under the material, people grind collocation evenly, so that the product quality is stable, “bicycle” flour in the market welcomed by customers.Fufeng flour mill quickly transferred flour to the northeast, the market share reached 75%.Thus, during the 14 years from its establishment to 1913, the average annual surplus was achieved except for the loss caused by poor management in 1906 when sun brothers went to the North to become an official in the 32nd year of Guangxu emperor of qing Dynasty.In 1914, the outbreak of the First World War ushered in a rare development opportunity for national capitalism, and Shanghai flour industrial production also entered the “golden age”.The imperialist countries were busy with the war, flour processing industry was affected, and there was less dumping to China, which provided an opportunity for China to export flour.The flour that fu Feng produces became compact nifty goods, order increases suddenly.From pre-purchase to snap up, flour sales demand exceeds supply, which laid a good foundation for the future development.In 1917, Fufeng flour factory disassembled the original mill to Shandong province, chose to invest 100,000 yuan in Jining to establish the “Jifeng flour factory”, with a daily output of 1000 packets of flour, and registered the “pagoda” trademark.In 1919, Sun Duosen died, but Fufeng did not decline, but under the management of the later generations presented a prosperous scene.This year, fufeng flour factory to Henan xinxiang in order to tonghui industrial company name and joint venture 500,000 yuan opened “Tongfeng flour factory”, and issued “Tongfeng flour limited company” stock.The flour factory produces 5,000 packets of flour per day, and has registered trademarks such as “Vientiane”, “Shuangwu”, “Daxi” and “Daji”.Fufeng has also rented flour mills in Shanghai and Wuxi, such as Changfeng, Tailong, Yutong, Xiangxin and Xinda.The flour sales market expanded from Shanghai to Jiangsu, Henan, Anhui, Shandong, Hebei, northeast provinces.Fufeng flour factory also adopted electric motors instead of steam engines to improve the transmission mode, save energy, reduce costs and increase output. By 1920, the profit amounted to 483,700 liang, an increase of 290% compared with the profit of the previous 14 years.In 1921, China mechanism flour Shanghai Exchange (referred to as The Shanghai flour Exchange) formally opened, the provisions of admission trading to wuxi Maoxin flour factory production of “green army ship” trademark flour as the standard powder, but the only Shanghai Fufeng factory “bicycle” powder exception, can stand side by side with it, which shows the quality and reputation of “bicycle” powder.Since 1922 began to purchase foreign wheat to 1936, Fufeng bought foreign wheat accounted for 60% of the total amount of wheat, successive years of surplus.In 1929, investment was made to expand the plant and add equipment, increasing the number of steel mills to 90, and increasing the daily production capacity from 2,500 packages at the beginning to 26,000 packages in 1931.In 1937, another 1,016,000 yuan was invested to build a new automatic cylinder for storing 24,000 tons of wheat.
Equipped with automatic drying, screening and other equipment, known as east Asia’s first wheat warehouse.Before the War of Resistance against Japan, fufeng flour factory has a capital of 3 million yuan.Fufeng flour factory in the expansion of the same time, in Shanghai leased changfeng, Yutong, xiangxin, xinda flour factories, and fuxin together become two major systems in the flour industry in Shanghai.1936 statistics, “Fufeng” affiliated factories a total of 51,100 packages of flour, accounting for 17.5% of the national total output value.Author: Dongsheng good reading, not very understanding;Xi said text, not excited not with.This article was published in the February 2022 issue of Xiaokang

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