Ren Junfei, the winner of life, married highly educated wife, skin white beauty big long legs, new to buy a small villa alone

Recently, guangdong’s play is not particularly strong, make a lot of fans feel very surprised, in many games, guangdong defense also appeared many problems, and because some distortions are attacked by the media, but in the guangdong team there are some very good players, such as Ren Junfei the player,His ball style and ball product is very good, and Ren Junfei is also known as the winner of life, he has a high education wife, the wife white beautiful long legs, and two people’s life is very rich, with a small single-family villa.Ren Junfei the player as a 31-year-old veteran, impressive performance on the field, he steps inside power and very solid, for many of the guangdong fans, both players Ren Junfei and Vince is anchored, it is because of their existence, guangdong to outstanding achievements in the game.And Ren Junfei the outstanding player of life is also very happy, he has a very beautiful wife, the wife is a model originally, now began to study for a doctorate, is top students with excellent performance, and in the recent period of time, Ren Junfei wife is drying out some photos of themselves, which also contains the photo of the Ren Junfei, and their children, can be seen in the photo,Ren Junfei’s wife Wang Sheng is really beautiful, she is white and beautiful and has a pair of super long legs, which is impressive.A pair of husband and wife love each other for many years, this feeling is very deep, Ren Junfei treats his wife respect very much, and gave her a lot of love, such as when wife puts forward to want to try to dunk Ren Junfei came effortlessly lifted her up, want to let her try the charm of basketball, although the final smash failure, but also reflected the strong affection between husband and wife two people.In recent Ren Junfei new bought a small villa, look very luxurious, and it is also a Ren Junfei next to live with his wife and children, look very sweet, hope the winner Ren Junfei life in after the game to help guangdong continue to get good grades, also hope that his wife could have a better development in the future.

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