The selection and commendation of the first “Tianjin Charity Award” and the recommendation of the 12th “China Charity Award” started

This article is from:China news network news agency tianjin 9 April (Wang Junyan PangYuWen correspondent hanley) to carry forward the socialist core values and the traditional virtue of Chinese people, praise for the social from all walks of life love, repay society CiXing benevolence, encourage and lead to more social forces to actively participate in charity, give play to the role of charity for the third time distribution, help promote the common prosperity,Tianjin Civil Affairs Bureau recently issued a notice to launch the selection and recognition of “Tianjin Charity Award” and the recommendation of the 12th “China Charity Award”.It is reported that the first “Tianjin Charity Award” has set up a total of 100 awards in 4 categories, including model of charity behavior Award, Excellent Charity Project Award, Excellent Charity Organization Award and love donation Award, with 25 awards for each award.Units, individuals, volunteer service and other loving teams, charitable projects and charitable trusts that have performed outstanding deeds, made great contributions and had a wide impact in charitable activities such as livelihood protection, rural revitalization, COVID-19 prevention and control, and response to major emergencies in Tianjin from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021 will be recommended.The participants should also meet the following conditions: Charity model award: commend individuals and caring teams who have performed outstanding deeds in charity activities and have good social impact, inspiring power, credibility and demonstration, for example, those who have been engaged in charity work or volunteer service for a long time and have outstanding deeds and have good social impact;Donation of money and goods is not the main basis.Outstanding Charity Project Award: To commend the innovative, exemplary, promotive and socially influential charity projects and trusts carried out by individuals, enterprises, social organizations and caring teams.Comprehensive consideration of project implementation time, fund scale, charity benefits, social influence.Excellent Charity Organization Award: to commend the lawfully registered charity organizations with strong social mobilization ability, internal management ability, project operation ability, high credibility, and outstanding contributions to the development of charity in the city.Charitable Donation Award: to recognize the large amount of donations, outstanding contributions to the domestic and foreign individuals, enterprises, etc.The years of participation in charity activities, social evaluation, methods and effects, and employees’ participation in charity were considered comprehensively.Interested eligible units, individuals, teams, love charity programs and charitable trusts, etc., by the place the unit in accordance with the intern program, and in this unit of the public (except for overseas units or individuals) without objection, recommend to the corresponding unit declaration, the recommended units unified submit it to the committee office after preliminary examination review “tianjin charity award winners;Among the winners of “Tianjin Charity Award”, no more than 14 persons are recommended to participate in the 12th “China Charity Award” of the Ministry of Civil Affairs according to the selection awards and standards of “China Charity Award”.The deadline for accepting recommendations of “Tianjin Charity Award” jury office is May 10, 2022.

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