U.S. LNG suppliers will meet with German buyers to speed up the deal

Us LNG exporters and German buyers will meet in Berlin next week to accelerate talks on how the US can help Europe’s industrial powerhouse wean itself off Russian gas supplies, according to people familiar with the matter.The US embassy in Germany is co-ordinating meetings with LNG suppliers that are expected to follow the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue on March 29-30, people familiar with the matter said.U.S. embassy officials had no comment.After the outbreak of the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Germany halted the approval of nord Stream 2.The pipeline would have increased gas supplies from Russia to heat and power German homes and factories.Germany depends on Russia for about 50 percent of its gas, but the European Union has pledged to end its dependence on Russian energy, so it is now scrambling to find alternatives.In addition to the US, Germany is looking to import more LIQUEFIED natural gas from countries such as Qatar.Recently, Germany publicly announced that it has made important progress in the long-running gas supply negotiations with Qatar, and the two sides have reached a gas supply agreement.However, Germany’s current capacity to receive a large amount of LNG is insufficient, and it needs to spend a lot of time, money and energy to build LNG receiving terminal ports.The developer of the German LNG receiving terminal at Brunsbuettel, near Hamburg, is pushing the project forward quickly;The project has been planned for years but has faced setbacks and several delays.”People want this terminal to be built as soon as possible,” Marcel Tijhuis, senior business developer at German LNG Terminal GmbH, said this week.With the German government on board, we hope the project will get a real boost.”

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