When can people in Hangzhou be released after 7 days of quarantine?The authorities responded.

More than seven days have passed since the first day of the outbreak in Hangzhou (January 26).According to the general policy, close contact should be isolated for 14 days, and secondary contact should be isolated for 7 days.When should citizens who have been quarantined for 7 days be released?MAO Genhong, deputy secretary general of Hangzhou Municipal Government, said: “This round of epidemic occurred in a relatively concentrated scale. In the process of sub-close contact from discovery and identification to transfer and isolation, there were cases of sub-close contact and close contact personnel riding in the same vehicle during the transfer process.At that time, as the secondary access control period, the associated personnel were diagnosed and turned into the access personnel;Risk assessment and control of the entire isolation point will also be involved in the whole process of control and control.So, based on what happened during the transit and quarantine period, it’s not just a matter of seven days to unseal.After 7 days, the nucleic acid test of the closely connected person is also negative. After 7 days, the negative test of the parallel test in two ways can be normally unsealed.In addition, some cases occurred in close contact in space and time in the 7-day transfer process, which was associated with close contact changes and isolated hotels.Hangzhou is working on an overall plan to clarify conditions, timing and methods under various circumstances.The overall plan will be issued and implemented after it is clearly evaluated and approved today.(CCTV reporter Guo Shuang Jin Jian) source: CCTV news client, huanqiu

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