Elbow son leads the list of monthly tickets for the Spring Festival, holding 20,000 monthly tickets to wait for the final victory of the eagle, who do you like?

Hello, everyone, click attention, away from the book shortage, I push book sauce water color cold no trace.This Spring Festival, the talking elbow changed last month’s silence, the beginning of the Spring Festival began to lead the monthly ticket list.Twenty thousand monthly tickets for two days waiting for the eagles to fight it out.But eagles, he is still hovering around the top ten.Can only say, the eagle this late hair force of the bottom spirit, when is also no one can reach.But for Elbow, who has been aiming for the no. 1 spot since the release of his new book, it’s hard to say whether the New Year’s no. 1 is going to be an exit.After all, this is elbow son very important new book “night naming technique”, as if from the beginning in the struggle, otherwise it can not achieve the fastest all set a record of one hundred thousand.In fact, Elbow zi’s new book is no exception to other online articles, and has been controversial since it hit the shelves.For a while, many readers were negative about Elbow’s new book — it’s less funny, it’s back to the old, maybe even the first Series.However, Elbow zi’s creative attitude is still as focused as ever, even more focused than when he wrote “Your Majesty Pardon your Life”.You should know that when writing “King Rao Life”, Elbow zi was still a rookie writer, at that time more is seeking for funny points, but there is not too much experience and accumulation about writing good depth of web articles.However, after the accumulation of two works of god, Elbow’s works have long since evolved from the original simple pursuit of funny, and now pay more attention to the plot and ideas of the work.So, dare you say that “The First Sequence” is not more ideological than “King Pardon your Life”?Is “The Nomenclature of The Night” no more fresh than his first two novels?So, in fact, elbow son has been in progress, has been seeking how to better write a good network, has been in the creation of the road trudge.This is a creative attitude worthy of recognition.But eagle, he has a better sense of control for the net.I always feel that Eagle has mastered the way of web writing, so he can always make breakthroughs in each novel.At this point, it’s not going to be easy to replace the Hawks.So, who do you prefer?

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