Fuzhou: The Handsome Tiger!Super cute, super cute

Original source | city site shall not be reproduced without permission Such as delete source will investigate on January 31, New Year’s eve, jiangxi urban channels “looking dignified and strong New Year in” family sent you the year of the tiger’s first wave of joy.Now, have you collected all kinds of “tigers” in your wechat emoticons?Yesterday, our “red envelope tiger” sent you New Year’s Eve wishes, today, I would like to recommend to you “red envelope tiger” brother – shuaishuai Tiger, he is the youngest tiger, the most naughty, but also the most beloved of the 16 members of “Hutou Hutou Welcome the New Year” emoticons.Hello, grandparents, uncles and aunts!I am a tiger cub, I am 4 months old, although young, but my voice is not small.Come, tiger “roar” New Year, the cub is happy New Year to everyone!Hee hee…New Year’s money meaning on the line, I will call my Mei xiang “mom” to help me save, later to buy meat to eat.”When it was born, it was about 500 grams,” zou Meixiang, a “tiger mother” at The Xiangai Mountain Wild Animal Zoo in Fuzhou, said. “We fed it milk powder slowly, like a baby, every two hours.”A week or so, the eyes slowly opened, very cute feeling.I watched it slowly grow day by day, the in the mind is very gratified.My mother Mei Xiang is gentle and has a beautiful smile. She lives opposite me.On the second day when I was born, Mei Xiang’s mother began to accompany me 24 hours a day, and I could not even sleep a whole night. Therefore, I had to grow tall and fat as soon as possible, so that Mei Xiang’s mother did not work hard in vain.You see, I now do not calculate the big head in the baby, I only drink grandma at noon, morning, evening, I are big mouth to eat meat.Zou Meixiang, a “tiger mother” at The Xiangaishan Wild Animal Zoo in Fuzhou, said: “I eat a chicken twice a day, about one kilogram of meat per meal.Depending on how much it eats, we’ll increase it slowly.If not, we need to increase it slowly.When it’s full, it leaves a little bit.If it is not full, it will hover in front of us.Today’s meat, too delicious!When I eat, you must not tease me, if LET me think is to rob the food, my little tiger will be violent oh!Eat and drink, stretch and I’m ready for bed!Mei Xiang’s mother said, “When I get older, I will have to move to a bigger cage. Although I can see her every day, I can’t stick to her like this.Although the heart does not want to, but as long as it is to protect my mother, again reluctant, I will be obedient.Mei Zou, tiger Mother, Xiangaishan Wild Animal Zoo, Fuzhou: When I talk about tigers, I feel happy.It understands human nature. When it grows up and we put it on the mountain, it will probably come closer to us as we walk by and talk, just like the first tigers.

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