Guess, I lose!Modern people’s happiness index ranking, number one is indisputable

Do you know, there is no dispute: 1. There is a small yard in the countryside, which is a harbor for people to rest when they get old. I feed the horses and chop wood.Having your own nest in the city is the pursuit of all people who make a living in the city. Having a house of your own can provide you with a harbor to rest and settle down. The happiness index is 60%3.Have a favorite car, weekend rest with family, driving their favorite car, travel, free feeling of happiness, happiness index 70%4.After daily expenditure balance, more happiness every year, do not say you can also understand, happiness index 75%5.The partner manages the family well, has a family partner, is how many people all one’s life can not repair to the blessing, the happiness index 80%6.Having a job you love, most of us spend half of our lives with a job we love, and if we can find a job we love, we’ll be happy every day, 85%.Children sensible need not worry too much, did you hit the child today?Did you cry baby today?8. Parents are healthy, wish the world’s parents are healthy and longevity, happiness as the East China Sea, happiness index 100%

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