Is it OK to interrupt dogs while they are mating?

Dogs are usually in heat in the spring and fall, and if they are not neutered, they will find a mate to mate with.As we all know, dogs mate differently than many animals.They mate for a long time, maybe 30 minutes or so, and they’re stuck together until they’re done.It is known as the “zhan Keng” method of mating, where dogs are linked to each other for a long time to improve the female’s chances of conceiving.When dogs are stuck together for so long, some people wonder, can this forcibly interrupt their mating?In fact, it is not possible, dogs such behavior is a normal physiological phenomenon, the normal situation do not easily disturb them, if forced to separate them, this for male or female dogs, there will be different degrees of injury, serious even may lead to the death of the dog.Dogs have their own unique way of mating, so people should not be free to intervene, to interrupt, this will violate the normal physiological phenomena of dogs, so pay attention to.And interrupting a dog’s mating won’t prevent a dog from getting pregnant, and the female will still get pregnant.If you do not want your dog to mate, it is best to have it spayed and neutered. After spayed and neutered dogs should be taken good care of, let them have a good rest, and can be properly supplemented with nutrition, feeding sheep milk powder for better absorption and rapid nutrition, to help the dog recover quickly.Anyway, the dog dog daily food shovel excrement officer wants to notice, eat well only, the body just can be more healthy.Do not randomly feed dogs to human food, human food is too oily and salty, easy to lead to dog hair rough fade, hair loss and other situations, it is recommended to feed light dog food, shovel poop officer can occasionally match meat and vegetables and fruits, nutrition is more comprehensive, the dog can be more healthy growth!Conclusion: Have you ever tried interrupting a dog’s mating?

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