One of the Bluetooth headphones doesn’t work

Bluetooth connection failure, this is a very small probability of accidental failure, only need to disconnect the Bluetooth connection, and then reconnect.1, after charging more than 20 minutes, open the charging lifted the lid, but don’t pull the charging line and don’t take out the headset, press charging box at the back of the button to reset the long, long according to how much time there is no standard, generally 1 to 3 minutes, and then there will be a white light flashing, the reset is done, finally, connect it to the mobile phone can normal use.2. What to pay attention to when buying A Bluetooth headset: When buying a Bluetooth headset, we should pay more attention to the quality and performance of the product, such as battery life and radiation level.However, generally inferior or inferior bluetooth earphones can not be guaranteed in terms of workmanship or materials due to cost control.3. The importance of Bluetooth headset: It is relatively safe and convenient to use Bluetooth headset to connect the phone when driving for the staff who often need to drive.Unlike ordinary earphones, Bluetooth earphones can be used completely without the device and are more suitable for drivers who need to focus on road conditions.

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