Retirement home?A lot of people have to

Pensions don’t pay. Pensions?In fact, many people are forced to go to nursing homes.Now the elderly pension is really a very big problem!Children leave to work, do not have time to take care of the elderly, the country does not have the ability to do this respect worry free, as old people increase day by day, must try to solve with great effort.Now, the old man of the country 60 years old a month 100 yuan money useful can buy what thing, the old man that has an unit 60 years old retires a month many 56 thousand yuan little also have 3 4000 yuan.The main reason is the elderly people’s money!Best solution: Learn from Germany.Everyone is 75% taxed and has only 25% control, so education, health care and housing are all covered by the state.Old age employment leave children to go to the pension, listen to people sad, in high consumption, pressure, indifferent family relationship in the environment, there will be strange pension way!In all helpless circumstances, but also will end life in an extreme way!Today wasn’t the old man wants to go to the nursing home, lonely, lonely, even in the a wing, can watch the children every day, the heart is warm, care for the old man, take care of the old man was not dodge the responsibility of the society, so the old man can keep you small, you can endowment of the old, turn round is a lifetime, you still etc. What, everyone has the old to that day,To be good for the old today is to be good for the old tomorrow.Pension institutions, mainly the environmental temperature is higher to adapt to the elderly, dirty body easy to wash.Internal management of the elderly play a role of mutual help and mentoring, because they are old, need help from others in the future, do a good personal reward mechanism.The group divides the class also goes, the age gently takes the young big old person or the package does the responsibility to the person, the severe illness life cannot take care of the old person, the family member gives the money and the gift request cares to take care of a bit better.Can not disguised comparison has the system regulation, the hospital and the pension unit is responsible for management.However, for some of the elderly, no culture, no skills, old age poor body, helpless around!!Life has become so desperate that a nursing home may be the best place for them to go.

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