The magical life of yuanyuan: live on pig’s milk, raised by the gatekeeper, the monk comes to teach

Qing dynasty famous official Yuanyu Yao was born in official family, his father years Qiuling had an official to huguang governor, acting huguang governor;Add shang shu title.Yongzheng years, such as a public, plus tai Fu title.Years of reverie has a characteristic, is very henpecked.On one occasion, the old lady returned to her mother’s home, travelling far and staying for a long time.During this period, years of daydream and a maid produced feelings, when the lady returned, the maid has seven months of pregnancy, years of lady know after great anger, to the maid with a whip taught a lesson, during the punishment, the maid fetal death, gave birth to a son, the child crying loud, years of lady more angry.He immediately ordered that the maidservant be sold and that the baby born be handed over to a gatekeeper to be buried alive.The janitor took the baby into the back yard, dropped it beside the pigsty and left.About half a month later, the janitor happened to be in the back yard and heard a baby crying in the pigsty. He went to see a sow on her stomach, feeding her abandoned baby.The porter was so surprised and curious that he took the baby back to his own house, treated him as his own, and tried to find milk for him.This child is The Love of the Year.At that time, there was a strange man who was good at feeling bones and reading physiognomy, so effective that he was called Blind man history.Years of daydreaming once called history blind man to your house.Shi Xiazi looked at Nian’s face and said, “An adult will be enthroned because of a child, and his status is only inferior to that of the son of Heaven.”Years of daydreaming and let history of the blind to son Nian Xiyao look, the history of the blind after seeing said: “the childe is a product officer in the future, but not because of the childe’s sake and the family dignitaries.”Nian Daydream said: “I only have such a son, there are no other children, Sir Probably wrong!”Shi Xiazi said, “When I entered the door just now, I saw a boy in the porter’s room. From the look of him, he would be a very important man. He would assume the REINS of power at the age of thirty, and his status would surpass that of princes and princes.He was so surprised that he let the doorman come in with his child.Years daydream to see the child looks very majestic, asked the doorman the origin of the child.After the gatekeeper was asked, he knelt down to apologize and told Nian Dayling about the child.Years after the lady heard, also some feeling, as his own children to raise, and named for the year’s love yao.Nian Yuanyu young when reading smart, two years of time with respect to read thirteen classics, to teach Sir Consult knowledge, teach Sir Often be asked red in the face, embarrassed unceasingly, helpless please resign.That’s what happened to a lot of gentlemen.So years of daydreaming on the arrangement of martial arts, martial arts is also unusual, not for a long time, he with the martial arts competition, was able to easily win, for many martial arts, are so.Years of reverie surprised, there is no good way.One day, a monk came to Nien Dayling and said, “Your son is endowed with the gift of heaven. How can ordinary secular teachers teach him?Give him to me to take away.”Years daydreaming to see the monk is not general, the heart to give him the annual love yao, but do not trust the children to leave.He kept the monk in the house and prepared a separate quiet room to teach The feast.The monk first took Him to sit quietly in the quiet room, and then slowly taught him the knowledge of sun Wu’s art of war, astronomy and geography, Yin and Yang, etc.When the monk left Nian’s house, he said to Nian Yuanyu, “You have learned your art. When you have attained your goal in the future, do not kill wantonly, so that you can have a good ending.”Then the monk left.Later the year’s feast yao eighteen years old entered the academician courtyard, less than forty became a general, later the great achievements in the history of the record in the book very detailed fact.This experience records in qing Dynasty tang Yong in writing “wing 駉 millet plaits” in.From which we can see, the dignitaries of year soup Yao seem to have some kind of omen in their childhood, and the monk can take the initiative to come to teach, also is not common people can have some treatment.It’s like many emperors were surrounded by monks or taoists.The master’s warning to him before leaving seems to foretell his fate, if The master can follow the teachings of the master, after the achievement of ambition can strictly abide by the nature, perhaps the outcome will not be so tragic.But how many people can make the right choice in this materialistic world?

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