The sanitation worker’s mobile phone can not contact the original is to save the drowning child

Mobile phones have become an important tool for people to keep in touch with each other, especially for urgent matters.On March 27, two colleagues of siyang Jinghuan Company’s platoon management project team suddenly found that the other party was “out of contact” when they were in contact. They did not answer the phone any time. They wanted to “criticize” the comrade, but it was too warm to hear the story behind the “out of contact”.Liu Aiguo, assistant of the drainage project team of Siyang Jinghuan Company, said: “We called him to find something, but the phone couldn’t get through. Later, there was no way. We went to Baohe Park to find him, and realized that the phone couldn’t get through because the phone fell into the water to save a child on the first afternoon.It turned out that on the afternoon of March 27, 4-year-old Xiao Tao was playing with his two sisters in Baohe Park, while his mother, Ms. Wang, was waiting nearby.Children are naturally playful, can not help but walk from the landscape stone, the accident happened.It was dangerous. I told him not to go. He saw his sister go from here, so he went from here and fell in.This scene was just seen by Slippery Zongguang, usually he is responsible for bao River park river cleaning work, too late to think, he hurriedly jumped into the river to save the drowning children.The child fell into the water, and he choked and couldn’t speak. At first, he could hum for a while, but then he couldn’t even hum. I didn’t even talk when I picked him up.During the interview, Wu zongguang used a fishing tool to measure the depth of the river, which was more than one meter deep where the boy fell.Because the situation is urgent, human life is at stake, Slippery zongguang’s mobile phone also fell into the river when saving people.Yi Zongguang, drainage project team of Siyang Jinghuan Company: I couldn’t take off my shoes. I couldn’t take off my shoes because I couldn’t take off my mobile phone. So I jumped down and picked him up.The child came up very weak, but he was able to move and was carried away by his mother.A shaken Ms. Wang recalled that when she got home, the boy kept muttering “fear, fear” and she comforted him while changing him into clean clothes.It was a long time before the child came round.On the day of the incident, because of the number of people playing, if not the sanitation workers found in time, timely rescue, the consequences are unimaginable.Wang Lingling, MOTHER of drowning child: THANK you so much for saving my life. I really don’t know what our child would have looked like if it hadn’t been for him.Wang, who lives near the Bao River, didn’t have time to express her gratitude to the man who saved her son’s life. She later bought gifts for Him, but he declined.Wang didn’t know how to show her family’s gratitude, so she made a brocade flag.Ms Wang learned that the rescuer’s mobile phone fell into the water after the impact of the use, the in the mind is very guilty, said what to buy a mobile phone to Slippery Zongguang, slippery Zongguang said, he put the mobile phone in the rice bucket, has returned to normal, in the face of the boy’s family thanks, he felt he did is a piece of work.”It is our duty to save a child who falls into the water. No matter any adult sees a child falling into the water, you have to save him. This is our traditional Chinese virtue, which is called selfless and brave.

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