The Chinese group of Yuntong Primary School carried out teaching and research activities of “simulated flight”

Simulated flight is a characteristic science and technology physical education course in Yuntong Primary School. In order to let teachers further understand the school’s characteristic tradition, the Chinese group of Yuntong Primary School carried out teaching and research activities on the morning of March 30th about “discussion of science and technology physical education characteristic courses and simulated flight practice”.In the activity, Science and technology instructor Li Qiu introduced the development of the school’s flight simulation curriculum.The simulated flight course shows the profound aviation theory knowledge and the flight technology that is difficult to get to people in daily life in front of teachers and students. Yuntong Primary School conscientiously carries out the simulated flight learning, communication and practice activities, which is not only loved by students, but also obtained outstanding results in all kinds of competitions at all levels.In the activity, Li Qiu explained the operation steps and matters needing attention to the teachers, and the teachers started the actual control according to the steps.At first, everyone is always bad to control the direction and speed of the aircraft flight, the plane flew not fly or failures, but the teachers sum up experience, through the consult to the high teacher li control techniques, view the high teacher li operation technology and guidance to help each other, many teachers success will the plane fly to the sky, some teachers also challenges the higher difficulty mission,The mock flight room resounded with the cheers of the teachers’ success.During the activity, teachers actively communicated and helped each other, which not only had a further understanding of the characteristic courses of science and technology sports of the school, but also strengthened the communication and interaction among teachers.We also feel the magic of science and technology in this technology practice.In the future work, I hope you will be like the plane in the blue sky, braving difficulties and chasing dreams!Source: Yuntong Primary School

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