The husband is so good with the opposite sex that people call him a woman’s friend

My husband and I both have a stable job.Because we are satisfied with the status quo of life, so we get along relatively less tired in life.And because the husband is more cheerful, and the person also grows handsome, so that his opposite sex edge is better.Although there have been no reports of infidelity during our six years of marriage, my husband has built up a reputation for himself as a lady’s friend.There are two reasons why people call him a woman’s friend: 1) he is liked by many members of the opposite sex;2) Some women have something on their mind and are willing to share it with my husband.Although my husband looks careless, he also has a lot of male attributes: he doesn’t like to gossip in public.So much so that what some people said in his presence did not spread beyond the enjoyment of my husband’s advice.Because I know my husband’s human nature, I’m not too sensitive about him being called a woman’s friend.There were, of course, the odd unappreciative woman who confessed her love to my husband.Every now and then, my husband would text each other in front of me, something like this: I showed my wife the messages you sent me.Do you think it’s necessary for us to keep in touch under the circumstances?The husband then blacklists the women’s contact information.The husband’s explanation in this matter is: human nature should be good, once the betrayal of marriage, and good is not close to, he can not see the behavior of betrayal of marriage, and do not want to become friends with those who betray marriage.Thanks to my husband, I have many friends around me. During this period, we also set up a group. On Saturday and Sunday, we would go to one of the houses in turn to have a get-together.Sometimes, when I am depressed, my husband will enlighten me that we, as ordinary people, are faced with a small life, within the scope of our ability to live a wonderful life, and less trouble, is the best life.I have a friend, especially fat, one meter 172cm height, weight reached 220 pounds, but, his wife is very dependent on him, from his family condition is good, and he is very concerned about his wife.Of course, not only does he get along well with the opposite sex in life, but he also has many friends.The main reason: his attitude towards life is simple and optimistic, and everyone will be particularly relaxed with him.Found no, when not involved in love, in the process of interpersonal communication, we are more concerned about congenial, as well as the personality of the other side and the other side’s character.Therefore, those who are cheerful and humorous tend to have more friends in life.There are two things to avoid in today’s dating system:1) and between friends don’t have a big loan relationships on the level of cash, the other party don’t lend money to you, you will feel the other party not enough meaning, the key is the other one concern, once lent money to you, it is time to pay, can you LiLiSuoSuo to return the money to the other party, who, after all, money is not the wind blows, or,The other party lent you the money itself the other party is particularly uncomfortable, especially in your repayment date can not be returned in time, the other party is oppressed, at this time, you may not want to be old lairai, but is really not rich in hand, in the face of the other party constantly urge debt, so that the boat of friendship turned over;2) Don’t have an affair with someone you are legally in love with.A friend’s wife is not to be bullied.But in real life, falling in love with a friend and lover is so common that we have a new slogan for the phenomenon: fire, theft, and bestie.Once friends find you and Ta lover have improper relationship, the marriage can be preserved, depends on the marriage life, there is not too much entanglement between husband and wife and cheating party’s attitude to admit mistakes, but, friendship will inevitably because of this matter, and eventually form a state of no contact.The most obvious thing that has made your husband a woman’s friend over the years is that he seems to be careless, but he follows two broad principles: 1) If a woman professes her love for him, he immediately turns against her;2) Maintains a more polite sense of boundaries with women who consider him a friend.In life, there are actually two types of people who have advantages in interpersonal communication: 1) those with strong earning power;2) High level of appearance.In fact, it is not difficult to understand this phenomenon: 1) with rich friends, you may receive small favors, mainly in the form of money to eat together;2) People with a high level of physical appearance, after all, are easier to look at, especially between the opposite sex, at least at a safe distance from each other.When we meet handsome, rich people in our life, and they can guarantee the fidelity of their marriage, maybe at a moment, we will envy the other party’s love is very lucky and happy, but more often, we will give such respect and admiration.In fact, there are not many people with thick skin in life, so when one person makes a love test for another, the other person will naturally reciprocate.During this period, the confession of the party can naturally judge the other party to their good feelings, in the other party to you have no intention to contact the situation, it is not polite to continue to pester.Living, the greatest pleasure is not only reflected in the achievements of work, but also in the time with people around you can make you happy. Therefore, it is very lucky to have some reliable friends in life, because the existence of friends can enrich your life.Although said, sometimes friends gather together to have a meal, but also is an ordinary dinner, but, someone gas dinner is bound to give their dull life to add a lot of fun.Editor’s note: There is a saying that he who keeps company with people will be red, and he who keeps company with ink will be black.Therefore, in life, friends have a great influence on their own.However, as for life, sometimes we really need the influence of friends on ourselves. Therefore, it is also very lucky to know some friends with good conduct, or friends who are happy with us.About feelings, we often mentioned: affection, love, friendship, although said friends relative to the family, love, does not occupy the important position in his life, but, if can make some of friends, life is to own help or actually big, especially can enrich their spare time.Remember, when he treats you as a friend, don’t do things that embarrass him, and don’t do things that hurt him, because he is not stupid.So be less calculating, less shrewd, and especially don’t embarrass your friends.When each other interests involved, the less friends can be formed between the effect of adding in the boring life, once the other side when the fool, or often difficult is a friend, or contacts for a period of time after the found each other is not a kindred spirit, so friends will also become no longer contact between quietly, some may even become enemies.(Picture from network, text and text irrelevant)

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