Why scalp always grows “a knot in one’s heart” and “pus”?There are probably four reasons

# # Xia Fang health guide to guide language: in today’s society, the dominant level of appearance, there are more and more people begin to pay attention to its image, and the hair is an important tool to enhance the level of appearance and image, but also the sensitive parts of the body, there are a lot of nerve endings, if do not pay attention to nursing care at ordinary times, is likely to affect the health of the scalp.Have not noticed this kind of phenomenon in shampoo process, the chairman on scalp gives a few knot in one’s heart and pustule sometimes, if be encountered carelessly, still can appear ache feeling, what are these things?And what causes it?Let’s go to understand it.01 why scalp always grows “a knot in one’s heart” and “pus”?Folliculitis may be caused by folliculitis, which is inflammation caused by bacterial infection of hair follicles. Folliculitis can be a single or multiple folliculitis.Red papules with hair follicles as the center, sometimes with white pustules at the top, papules are easy to develop into pustules, if slight hair folliculitis, generally can subside by itself, if the condition is serious, it needs to be treated as soon as possible.2. Seborrheic dermatitis scalp pustules may be seborrheic dermatitis, its typical symptom is in the skin grease secretion more parts, the occurrence of itchy erythema, covered with greasy scales or crusts, the formation of our common dandruff.If the personal cleaning is not in place, it will make the oil blocked in the hair follicle, the formation of seborrheic dermatitis, scalp appearance similar pustular bumps like the bulge.3. The pressure is too great work pressure is also bumps have pustule reasons in his head, and when the work pressure is bigger, it is very easy to cause fire problem, this time can make the pimple on the scalp, if not timely processing, with the continuous development of bumps, will slowly pustulate, even cause the risk of secondary infection.4. Psoriasis for the scalp always love long red bumps or pustules, may be psoriasis patients, psoriasis is what we often say psoriasis.This disease young people love, get psoriasis scalp and skin is prone to peeling, the head minister red lumps or plaques, and the surface of the scalp will have a lot of condensed white material, like dandruff, but in fact, this kind of white dandruff is difficult to wash off, even if the hair washed clean, white dandruff will also have.02 how to prevent these situations light diet scalp often long pimple, you should choose light diet, reduce the intake of spicy stimulating diet, eat less fat content of food, eat as little as possible sweet, can effectively achieve the effect of improvement.Usually in the diet should choose some food with heat and detoxification effect, such as winter melon, bitter melon, watermelon, in addition, there are tomatoes, spinach, these food can achieve the effect of removing heat in the body, reduce the secretion of skin oil, can effectively reduce the phenomenon of long pimple.Do a good job of head cleaning if you do not do a good job of head cleaning at ordinary times, it will lead to all the pores are blocked, so when cleaning, the scalp is also cleaned.Wait until after cleaning, you must wash the foam clean, if you do not wash clean, it is easy to block pores, it is easy to cause obvious bumps on the scalp, hair love oil, you must wash your hair every day, if it is not regular oil, every 2~3 days to wash the last time.Add some vinegar scalp pimples, in addition to need a good wash, when shampoo, can also according to the proportion put some vinegar in shampoo, vinegar has good sterilization and cleaning effect, after washing a few times can effectively eliminate the bumps, but this method is present to pustules crowd and not very fit, can cause pain.Conclusion: when there is a pimple and pus on the scalp, do not ignore, should choose the right way to handle, otherwise a long time will cause other abnormalities, to the health of the body.

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