Grass roots want to marry his sister to coat brother’s son, before the trip to clean teddy to coat sister-in-law

Guizhou male anchor grassroots has gone to Shan County, ready to see coat brother at 12 o ‘clock today, in Shan County early in the morning by shan County fans please go to eat pancakes, drink mutton soup, grassroots flattered, on time for dinner.Entertain the grass roots is the fan little sister Guo Yulu and father Guo Peng.Grass roots looked at the pancakes and mutton soup served by the waiter. There were only chopsticks but no spoon. Grass roots asked the waiter for a spoon.Guo Yulu father Guo Peng busy said, shan county drink mutton soup habit without a spoon, with chopsticks, first slowly drink, slowly product, and then eat with chopsticks soup and mutton.Grass roots after breakfast, thank Guo Peng, Guo Yulu father and daughter, ready to see brother coat.Grass roots look at the teddy dog ready to give the coat all the way to follow their own, for a long time did not give Teddy a bath, dirty, grass roots ready to give Teddy a bath, clean up before giving the coat.Afraid teddy would freeze, the grass roots borrowed a hair dryer from the hotel’s owner to dry teddy’s hair.First wipe the water off Teddy with a towel.Grassroots ready to go to big clothes brother’s home today, because of the snow outside, grassroots riding a motorcycle is not good to go, perhaps the grass roots to coat brother’s home preparation work has not done, such as see coat brother, according to the habits of single county etiquette, grassroots must be asked to single county fans, so as not to make a joke.Grass roots see coat brother also only another day.

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