How much pressure did the dealers have to bear with 5,399 Sena sales per month?

In 2021, Toyota once again won the title of the world’s best-selling car brand, and surpassed Volkswagen, can play in such a tight capital circle, we have to admit that Toyota still has some skills.However, the domestic market basically sees the fortune of faW Toyota and Gac Toyota.Recently, GaC Toyota announced the latest sales, data statistics show that the terminal sales in January is 99,900 vehicles, and year-on-year growth of 11.2%, the auto market is gradually saturated, the implementation of new energy, coupled with chip supply tension, sales growth has been true is not easy.Specifically, thanks to the TNGA architecture, the quality of the upgraded new cars has been continuously improved. The mid-level camry achieved 28023 units, up 39.9% year-on-year, while the Leiling family also achieved 19581 units, which was held by both engines, but was still less than interesting compared with the Corolla.For SUVs, GaC Toyota Velanda and Highlander contributed 17,483 and 13,189 units, respectively.It’s also worth noting that Sena shipped 5,399 units in January, with officials emphasizing that the 405,800 platinum version accounted for 40 percent of sales.It should be noted that this data should be the wholesale volume of dealers. If high-configuration models account for the majority, it is obvious that the sales pressure is transferred to 4S stores, and the actual sales volume depends on the amount of risks.You should know that 4S stores now use high-configuration models in test drives or other promotional activities to get a better sense of experience of this model.How many of them are used as mobile vehicles, you can imagine.The myth of Toyota Sena, in fact, started from the preparation for domestic production, especially around the time of the launch, it was almost crazy to raise the price, at least 50 to 60 thousand, at most 70 to 80 thousand. Finally, under the pressure of sales, it was alleviated, but the heart-breaking Sena, sales will not improve much in a short time.Write at the end: Toyota was able to give the work of the only MPV on sale to GAC Toyota, that is a kind of trust, let’s say the price increase behavior, the manufacturer can manage but just ignore, the final “retribution” can only fall on Sena.

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