In the spirit of self-revolution, we will comprehensively govern the league strictly to the end

According to the resolution adopted at the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, “The cause of the Party and the people needs the continuous efforts of generations of Chinese Communists, and we must focus on the fundamental task of successors.”This is an important historical inspiration drawn from the CPC’s century-long struggle. It is also the fundamental political task for the Communist Youth League to keep its original mission firmly in mind and faithfully fulfill its duties and responsibilities. It is the ultimate evaluation standard for all the work and construction of the League.To fulfill the glorious mission entrusted by the Party, the Communist Youth League must meet the high standard of comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline, learn from the historical experience of the CPC in leading the great social revolution with a great self-revolution, follow the construction logic of “relying on ideals and discipline”, and unremitting efforts to comprehensively govern the League with strict discipline.Only in this way, can we truly cultivate the vanguard force full of vigor and vitality for the Party, and be worthy of the political positioning of the party’s assistant and reserve army.History is the best textbook.To one hundred, the communist youth league is always follow the party continuously strengthen own construction, whether in the period of the new-democratic revolution, socialist revolution and construction period, and reform and opening up and socialist modernization construction new period, and always will be strictly tube treated groups as a basic task through the group’s construction, and according to the different historical period of the central task, and the characteristics of The Times,Make clear the direction and focus of strict governance.History has fully proved that strict governance of the League has always been a distinct theme and an eternal task in its self-improvement. The foundation of the league derives from strict governance, and the combat effectiveness of the league derives from strict governance. When strict governance is firmly and firmly enforced, the organization of the league will be strong and its cause will be full of vitality.The 18th party congress in particular, in promoting the course of governing party, xi jinping, the general secretary always attaches great importance to the group’s construction, summarizes historical experience, aiming at practical problems, focus on the future development, from the political construction, organization construction, the construction of the contingent of cadres, the members of team construction and so on various aspects put forward overall requirements, guide the communist youth league to enter a new stage to govern group.Since the 18th NATIONAL Congress of the League, the whole League has thoroughly implemented the important requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping, earnestly absorbed the historical experience of the League, promoted the comprehensive strict governance of the League with a clear banner and adopted multiple measures at the same time. The awareness of strict organization of the League at all levels has been significantly increased, and the reality has begun to emerge. The overall spiritual outlook of the League has undergone new changes and presented a new atmosphere.At the same time, also want to more clearly see that with the comprehensive governing party’s historic achievements, the historic changes, compared with xi jinping, general secretary of the communist youth league organizations, compared to expectations and requirements of the communist youth league in the whole society, especially the young mind should be like compared to the current communist youth league there is still a large gap in terms of its construction.The comprehensive strict governance group urgently needs to realize the fundamental transformation from piecemeal to system integration, from heteronomic constraints to self-discipline incentive, from point breakthrough to overall leap, and really improve the construction level, work logic, and actual results.In this context, it is inevitable and timely that the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Youth League central Committee made a systematic deployment and formulated an implementation program for the work of comprehensively enforcing strict league governance.To deepen the comprehensive and strict governance of the Communist Youth League under new circumstances, we need not only to unify our thinking and clarify our understanding, but also to clarify our priorities and make concerted efforts.On the one hand, we should accurately understand the fundamental principle of comprehensively and strictly governing the league, fully understand the connotation and extension of “comprehensively”, and consciously adhere to the full caliber and no dead Angle in the object, element, field and standard;Fully understand the dialectical relationship between “strict” and “leniency”, adhere to the strict is general, leniency is special, do early grasp small, leniency and severity balance;We should earnestly raise the sense of urgency and consciousness of governing, carry forward the spirit of self-revolution, and make strict and practical actions an inherent consciousness of every league cadre and member.On the other hand, it is important to grasp the implementation path of comprehensively enforcing strict governance of the Communist Youth League, focusing on strict political construction, strict organizational construction, strict management of the ranks of communist Youth League cadres, strict management of the ranks of communist Youth League members, and strict institutional construction, and explore the formation of a distinctive, practical, effective, and targeted work system.Efforts should be made to translate the results of comprehensively strengthening the regimental discipline into political achievements in party education and into the role of the Party’s assistant and reserve army.Greenhouses can not raise towering trees, the wind and snow honed Chinese achievements pine and cypress standing.For the Communist Youth League, a century-old organization full of glory and dreams under the leadership of the Party, comprehensively governing the league strictly is not only an inevitable choice for us to learn from the Party and have the courage to self-revolution, but also an important premise for us to follow the Party and join the social revolution, and is the eternal theme of the Communist Youth League cause.Facing the comprehensive build socialism modernization power’s second goal in one hundred calling, in the face of the communist youth league of new youth campaign in one hundred, the group must know heavy weight, introspection self excitation, with firm determination and strong will to advance resilience, adequate to govern in the round group to carry out the fall deep fall fine, sealed style, high status, solid performance to meet the victory at the party’s twenty!Editor by Liang Taihua proofreader by Jia Chongyu proofreader by Liu Yuanchao on duty by Lian Lisheng

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