Lost malvinas after the chaos?British Prime Minister meets Lithuanian prime Minister to join forces against China

The protests began after China and Argentina declared their support for each other’s territorial integrity on June 6.In the View of the British government, China does not respect the territorial integrity of Argentina by supporting its sovereignty over the Malvinas.The Spokesperson of the British Foreign Office also issued a statement on the evening of the same day, saying that “the Falkland Islands belong to the United Kingdom”.Two days after the incident, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with his Lithuanian counterpart, Leonid Simonite.According to the press release issued by both sides after the meeting, Johnson chose to express his “support” for Lithuania’s attempts to split China, and he also expressed his attitude towards the WTO.And Mr Johnson said he was disappointed by China’s trade “sanctions” against Lithuania.Lithuania is delighted to have the support of the British government, and Simonite said it would be welcomed.Before China announced its support for Argentina’s claim to the Malvinas, Johnson did not explicitly say he would side with Lithuania.Mr Johnson was quick to side with Lithuania over the incident, which was seen as a sign that the British government was out of order after the loss of the Malvinas islands.The Falklands were originally Argentine territory and were declared by the UN in 2016, but the UK has been trying to “snatch” them from Argentina and has never recognised them as a dependency.Today, China-Argentina relations are further developed, trade between the two countries is very frequent, and Argentina’s economy is thriving.China has also sold Argentina heavyweight combat weapons.These may all be perceived as “threats” in the UK.With China as a friend, Argentina should not be underestimated, and it is difficult for The UK to snatch the Malvinas.Therefore, the UK, which is afraid to act against Argentina, has to find countries that are not on good terms with China.Lithuania, which talks freely about the territorial integrity of our country despite the exhortations of our foreign office, is a natural guest.Lithuania’s attempt to secede our territory has had no small impact on its domestic economy.The EU sued China at the WORLD Trade Organisation when Lithuania looked around for favours to pin the charge of “coercive trade” on China.Britain also took the opportunity to signal to Lithuania that it would side with Lithuania when the wto reviews the matter.Mr Johnson, perhaps out of his mind over the Malvinas incident, also spoke bitterly of his “disappointment” at China’s behaviour.Johnson is clearly trying to gain cubic support by backing Lithuania’s approach.However, the Cube did not take a position on the Malvinas issue, and Johnson’s move can be described as “getting half the result with twice the effort”.Moreover, the relationship between the UK and the EU was very strained when the UK “left” the EU.The two sides have also deployed warships over the fish stocks.The EU has shown no willingness to detente with Britain, and Mr Johnson has indicated he wants to “patch things up” with the EU by saying he will stand by Lithuania.It can be seen that Britain has lowered its posture somewhat. Once the so-called “empire on which the sun never sets”, it has now reached the point of “seeking cooperation” everywhere. Boris Johnson has made a complete fool of himself as prime minister of the UK.On the issue of Lithuania looking for “reinforcements”, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated long ago that the EU, its member states and relevant countries should be clear about right and wrong and be careful of Lithuania.China always plays by the rules when dealing with Lithuania. Lithuania should also recognize its mistakes and correct them.Under our solemn protestation, the British government is still going its own way.Britain’s international trade secretary also said Britain would join the EU’s wto discussions on China and Lithuania.The aim, she said, was to work with Lithuania “to oppose economic coercion”.By reaching out to Lithuania and trying to discredit China, the Johnson administration is running out of ideas about China’s support for Argentina’s territorial integrity.

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