The warmer spring go | someone accompany at the grass-roots level, the Spring Festival

“Grandpa, the Lantern Festival is coming. I come to give you tangyuan.””Good girl, you have come to see me again. Sit down with your bench.”On February 10, Shan Ying, a member of the sixth grid of Dingchang Village, Liuji Town, Tongshan District, Xuzhou City, came to the home of liu Chuanzao, an old man who lived alone, with tangyuan just bought from the market.Liu Chuanzao, 81, has spent most of the year in hospital due to health reasons. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the old man couldn’t resist going home. Even though he might have dinner alone, he still wanted to go home.On January 27, as soon as Liu Chuanzao arrived home on the 25th day, grid member Shan Ying came to the door and asked the old man “Would you like to go to her home for dinner on New Year’s Eve?””Who wouldn’t want to spend a noisy New Year? My daughter said I was welcome in all her family, so I said yes.””Liu Chuanzao said.Shan Ying, a grid worker in Dingchang Village, Liuji Town, Tongshan district, Xuzhou city, invites elderly people living alone to celebrate the Spring Festival on January 31.At 4 PM on January 31, Shan Ying and her husband took her home, and the family began to make dumplings and cook.During the New Year’s Eve dinner, Shan ying’s 2-year-old daughter clink glasses with the old man while holding drinks and saying auspicious words. The carefree and pleasant atmosphere made the old man feel warm for a long time.”Elderly people who live alone want to be constantly remembered.”Shan Ying, who has worked as a grid member for four years, said.Before the Spring Festival last year, dozens of grid workers from Liuji Town came to the home of Hao Xinyu, an old man living alone in Guoqiao Village, to make dumplings. Hao xinyu’s child was working abroad and could not return to China due to the impact of the epidemic. Grid workers helped the old man paste paper-cuts and hang “fu”, which made the family lively for most of the day.”Grandpa Hao has been smiling from ear to ear since he welcomed us into the house. I realized that grid workers can do more to make elderly people who live alone happy.”ChanYing said.”Since the establishment of the grid member team, Liu Ji zhen pays special attention to exploring the highlights in the grid member’s work and encourages them to learn from each other.”Shan Ming, director of liu Ji town grid management Center, introduced that liu Ji town has a total of 17,000 villagers, the town is divided into 60 grids, due to the jurisdiction of large, uneven distribution of population, one grid member is responsible for serving at least 100 villagers, there are several grid members even to serve more than 200 villagers.”If we cannot solve the problem by grid worker alone, we will also form a temporary grid worker service team to meet the needs of the villagers.”Shan Ming said.In the summer of 2021, 92-year-old Xia Qinghua, under the unremitting persuasion of grid member Xie Shanshan, finally agreed to let grid member help to sort out the debris piled up in front of the house.”We came in with nine grid crews, took a day to pack, and took out four carloads of items that needed to be discarded.”Xie Shanshan told reporters.Now stick couplets qing-hua xia’s house door, hung red lanterns in the house, bed bedclothes new bedding is ceci before the Spring Festival, dedicated to the old man in “my home is ten metres from qing-hua xia home, usually used to knock on the door, looked at the old man at peace in the yard in the sun, oneself also feel life is very good.”People visit Liuji town of Tongshan district of Xuzhou, east China’s Xuzhou, Jan. 29, 2019.”Grid workers should not only take care of the empty nesters in the grid, but also care about the left-behind children. The situation of the left-behind children at home is more complicated, and the grid workers have higher requirements.”Gong Haibo, political and legal member of liu Ji Town Party Committee, introduced that in 2021, Liu Ji town has established 52 grid service stations, so that grid members have a special office, service the masses, conflict mediation positions, while equipped with life urgently needed supplies to lend.At present, according to the needs of grid work, we are considering opening targeted training courses, improving the working skills of grid staff, establishing an institutionalized grid management system, and building a solid foundation for grassroots social governance.Xinhua Daily · Intersection point reporter Chen Tong Correspondent Cheng Cheng Li Xiaodong editor: Chen Tong This article is from the author’s views only.The national Party media information public platform provides information dissemination services.ID: JRTT

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