Under the epidemic show warm Wenzhou heart with the situation to solve the problem of the people involved in the epidemic

As the year draws near, the number of people returning to their hometowns increases gradually.While strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures at the grass-roots level, Wenzhou has responded quickly to the difficulties and problems encountered by those returning to Wenzhou and effectively helped them resolve the problems.Recently, Mr Wu of the citizen that returns Yueqing from Tianjin needs to undertake centralized isolation, but because just before long had done gastric operation, the food that cannot edible isolation point offers, and a day still needs dine for many times, for this, he appealed yueqing city 12345 government affairs service hotline for the first time.Wenzhou Yueqing 12345 government service hotline center operator Hu Yiqi: when we received this call, the first time to (Yueqing) Rock town report, and immediately to rock town prevention and control office call.The prevention and control Office said at the time that it had seen the group message and was applying to its superiors.In order to quickly help Mr. Wu solve the problem, the staff of The Yueqing City Shaoxing Town Prevention and control Office contacted Mr. Wu to learn more about the details, sorted out the medical certificates and other relevant information provided by him, and applied to yueqing City Prevention and control Office in time.The next night, Mr. Wu successfully returned home for home quarantine.Zhang Xialiang, a staff member of the Prevention and control Office of The Rock Town, Leqing City, Wenzhou, said: according to our policy, he needs another nucleic acid sample on the 14th day. If the result is negative, he can resume a normal life.Mr. Wu felt the warmth of the epidemic with the quick help from the local people.Citizen Mr. Wu: feel very satisfied, very good, good speaking attitude, work quite in place.Mr Ng is not the only one who has turned to the 12345 Government Service hotline for help.According to the 12345 government service hotline, a total of 5,757 cases of difficulties and problems related to the epidemic have been handled by the hotline since January 14.Among them, 138 urgent cases were handled within two hours, greatly reducing the impact of the epidemic on people’s work and life.Source: Wenzhou News Network Reporter: Zang Tianwen First Review editor: Ye Wei Chief Editor: Ye Hong Review: Peng Yongtang Director: Chen Taicang Supervisor: Chen Yiquan Chen Xiyu Chief Supervisor: Chen Zhenshi recommended reading ↓↓↓

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