By Shanghai completely overpowered, Guangdong and the top four teams have a gap, four consecutive titles may be difficult to achieve

In the CBA second stage of the final battle, Guangdong team did not harvest a perfect ending.They lost 108-101 to Shanghai in a tough matchup, losing by only seven points, but in fact, Guangdong was dominated by Shanghai throughout the game, trailing by nearly 20 points for most of the game.With the loss, Guangdong improved to 2-6 this season against the top four teams liaoning, Zhejiang, Guangzhou and Shanghai, and lost all five games in the second period.Although before the start of the season, guangdong’s stated goal was only to make the playoffs, but it is understood that the team has completed the great achievement of three consecutive titles will be chasing their fourth consecutive title this season.But we have to admit that the strength of the Guangdong team this season has indeed come to the lowest point in nearly four seasons. At present, they only ranked fifth in the league with a score of 20 wins and 8 losses, which is also the lowest ranking of the Guangdong team in the regular season in the past several seasons.Compared to last season, Guangdong even welcomed the return of Yi Jianlian this year, but the performance has not improved but retreated, somewhat surprised the fans.”The second phase of the game was difficult because of the number of injuries, the lack of players and the lack of young players,” said Du Feng, head coach of the team.Does Guangdong have fewer players?This for the previous few seasons often implement five on five under rotation of the Guangdong team, it seems to be some incredible.But this season, the injury really greatly affected the personnel rotation of guangdong team.The physical condition of the players in the national team has been greatly affected after the travel and isolation. In addition, they have to participate in the National Games in the summer, so several key players can not rest, and the accumulation of fatigue to a certain extent will definitely lead to the occurrence of injuries.For example, Zhao Rui and Zhang Haojia suffered injuries in the first game of the second stage and withdrew directly from the team’s competition at that stage.Zeng has been sidelined in recent games, reportedly due to injuries, and other players like Zhou Peng, Ren Junfei, Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie are also suffering from various injuries.In addition, hu Mingxuan and Du Runwang, who were highly expected by fans before the season, have not improved enough this season.Hu mingxuan, in particular, was expected to blossom into a league superstar this season after winning the Finals MVP last season and shining at the Olympics.However, whether it is psychological or physical problems or heavy defensive tasks, Hu Mingxuan began to hesitate to shoot this season, dare not shoot, dare not play, the court efficiency obviously declined completely did not last year’s finals style, as the league’s once three-point king, Hu Mingxuan this season’s three-point shooting percentage is only 33%.In addition, as the guangdong team three consecutive titles of the absolute merit, Weems this season’s condition declined significantly, is also a major reason for the decline of the Guangdong team’s record.He averaged just 14.7 points in 26.2 minutes per game.He had just five points, two rebounds and seven assists against Shanghai, and as one of the CBA’s top foreign players, his numbers and performance were clearly a drag on his team.Fast breaks in transition, which were unstoppable in previous seasons, have been few and far between this season, and they don’t have the lethality of the past.A 35-year-old veteran, Weems was already showing signs of declining form in the playoffs last season.This season, after its long isolation, has only brought the issue to the fore.Of course, the main difficulty facing Guangdong is that the team’s system and style of play in the past few years have been difficult to maintain under the current situation.Guangdong in recent seasons, with marshang and Weems double foreign aid as the core of the ball, similar to a star play.Rely on the outside three guards tough defensive catch fault push fast break, position is double outside and united to open the situation.After Marchamps injury, the system will be a bit of a stopper, but the team still has Weems and Zhao Rui can continue to support.Zhao Rui, who took on most of the ball handling role after The injury, was not as clueless as Marshang but was good enough.This is also the key for Guangdong to continue their style of play.But the situation worsened this season, with the first phase of foreign aid lacking, leaving Zhao Rui as the core of the attack and Forcing Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie to absorb more of the ball.In the second stage, Zhao Rui directly reimbursed, Weems was slow to find the state, Hu Mingxuan and Xu Jie under the defensive pressure faced by Marshang and Weems, there is no way to replace their role, the team’s operation directly into stagnation, which led to the current struggle of Guangdong team.For a team that has won three titles in a row, it’s not going to be plain sailing when it comes to winning its fourth.Although with the present state, guangdong team and the top four did have a gap.But the past 11 championships, let us have reason to believe that after a period of repair, the injured after the healthy return of guangdong team, will still be a strong contender for this season’s championship.

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