Have received!Have received!Have received!

Speaking of the essential fruit for Chinese New Year, what sweet and easy to peel sugar tangerine?In many families occupy an important seat, a netizen said, “Eat one after another, can not stop”, “one of the symbols of the Chinese New Year:Sugar orange according to the basket to eat “” not a basket of sugar orange can stay until the Chinese New Year” and parents sit together to eat sugar orange, melon seeds is one of the most happy things in the Chinese New Year this Spring Festival many people choose to spend the Chinese New Year but no matter how far apart the love of parents can always come to the side ✈ sausage, bacon, fried belt fish…No matter where you can have a real taste of your hometown, it is the greatest happiness.”For the first time in Beijing, my parents sent the first wave of Chinese New Year products from Yantai, fried hairtail, smoked Spanish mackerel, and my favorite fried oyster yellow” @innocent- Rhys: “Just received my mother sent me sausage and bacon, salted pig ear chicken gizzard, dried bean curd and a salted duck and spicy peanuts with wine” @Blow fish ooo:”Received mom and dad last night to send the absorbtion of steamed stuffed bun, I would be so happy seaweed steamed stuffed bun is forever I miss the most” @ long stocking pipi story: “see fresh steamed stuffed bun, horseshoe baked wheat cake, red jujube dumplings mom homemade red yellow rice pudding it from home heavy obsession in a large carton package several thick layer of foam insulation” @ trouble zhu pig:”Boxes of eggs and packages of dried vegetables sent by your parents-in-law are full of hometown flavor.” How unified are the Spring Festival goods sent by your parents from Sichuan?There will be sausages with bacon @June corn _ : “I traveled 1700 kilometers to eat sichuan sausages.” My parents in Hunan are no less than the sausages, sausages and smoked fish.@Bean Mom Liu Fang:”Hunan New Year’s goods, is also very unified,” a heavy package full of parents love parents love, can be very heavy, “10 pounds of beef meatballs and fish balls 20 pounds of natural shrimp, 10 pounds of natural mackerel” waves of New Year’s goods full of love continue to send parents love,Can very quickly very quickly “evening said want to eat fried dumplings mother at noon the next day sent the express number” parents love, can also be very long “mother sent two boxes to eat beef pie, chicken steak, ham sausage……Aunt Bi, from Anqing, Anhui province, has been away from her hometown for 25 years. Her parents recently sent her a package that tasted like her long-lost hometown. “Fish in Wuchang Lake”, her parents’ love was hidden in a sheet of post-it notes.Hole of zhejiang university school of medicine, the second hospital doctors received from parents from ningbo home necessities has more than 20 package contents all his love to eat food that tradition, sausage, thousand package bags, such as vacuum packaged each food on the post-it notes written on the food to save time and the way of cooking “new baked braised bamboo shoots, open a bottle of instant” “tradition (raw),Steam with water for 15-20 minutes, then eat and freeze “…Netizens have lamented that “parents’ love will always be there.” Behind each photo of the New Year shopping are the familiar flavor of the New Year, the memory of home and the heavy love and care of family no matter where you are, you must have a good New Year

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