ID.4 X Add-on project overview

On the occasion of the first anniversary, SAIC Volkswagen officially announced the comprehensive renewal of ID family on April 7th. It is just one year since the launch of ID.4X last year, while the actual launch of ID.6X and ID.3 is less than one year.I did not expect that SAIC Volkswagen would upgrade the ID family so quickly.And ID family three models in 2022, the new content is not the same, therefore, the car clear xiaobian is simply divided into three parts to introduce the upgrade of each new car allocation project, so that we understand more detailed.From the first listed ID.4 X, let’s look at the new price: 2022 ID.4 X price range is 205288 to 278288 yuan, a total of five models are respectively pure version, pure long endurance version, zhi Enjoy long endurance version, Ji Zhi long endurance version and jin Can four-wheel drive version.In addition to the official guiding price, SAIC Volkswagen also issued a supporting policy of “instant booking” : a free 24,000 ID.Beans and 6 heavy required rights (including 8 years or 160,000 km sandian peace of mind warranty, unlimited flow rights, 4000 yuan replacement subsidies, etc.), ID.Beans can be exchanged for 17 major benefits and 9 premium accessories, which is equivalent to cash.As an annual model, the 2022 ID.4X has the same appearance and body size, but the range has changed:The range of the basic model has been upgraded from 402 km to 425 km, while from the pure long range version, the range of the three long range models has been upgraded from 555 km to 607 km, while the top-equipped four-wheel drive version has been upgraded from 502 km to 555 km.Charging time and quick charging power have not changed, so it can be said that under the same conditions, the endurance of the 2022 MODEL ID. 4x has been improved.The most significant changes are actually in the intelligent equipment part of the ID.4X, especially in the intelligent driver assistance system, the 2022 UPGRADE of the ID.4X feels like a generation upgrade:Including cruise control, upgraded to ACC adaptive range in full speed domain, and equipped with IQ.Drive L2 level driver assistance, the 2022 ID.4X can significantly reduce driving fatigue on expressways and congested roads under conditions.It is different from many other new energy vehicles that have to “increase the price without increasing the volume” due to the rising price of raw materials recently. In terms of actual selling price, the price change of ID.4X is actually much lower than the cost of the additional part.The 2022 ID.4X model further improves the friendliness of female drivers and novics-it is equipped with an intelligent parking assist system, which is less difficult to operate than the intelligent parking assist system previously equipped on fuel vehicles. You only need to press the “PMENU” button on the central control to activate the system and actively identify nearby parking Spaces.Complete automatic parking in side position and vertical position, and drive out of side position parking space.The 2022 ID.4X can even take over the parking operation when the system recognizes a recorded route…Equivalent to the daily home mode, into the garage almost no driver to operate parking.In addition to smart parking, the 2022 ID.4X Side Assist Lane change Assist system also adds a door opening warning to alert the door to safety if there is a motorcycle, bicycle or vehicle approaching from behind.At the same time, jin Neng four-wheel drive version also increased the pre-collision safety system and emergency auxiliary system, can automatically close the window in a critical situation, tighten the seat belt and other operations, to ensure the safety of the driver and passenger, synchronous this system will trigger the emergency call of the vehicle, call foreign assistance in time.All standard driving assistance systems, Lane Assist Lane keeping system is a sharp increase, the 2022 ID. 4 X can play and fun to drive, at the same time, the intelligent auxiliary driving system based on the double need of laws, regulations and safety, also support the steering wheel to sell in the process of driving test – once the driver’s hands off the steering wheel,The system will sound an audible warning.As the second part of the intelligent upgrade, the 2022 ID.4X intelligent connected vehicle-to-vehicle system has been fully updated to intelligent vehicle-to-vehicle system 4.0, with new functions including remote viewing of vehicle status, vehicle travel report, charging statistics, battery care mode, predictive maintenance and so on.And the entry level and low with the version of the two models, from the steering wheel material to leather, to the whole system upgraded 7 speaker multi-dimensional rhythm sound, the top with the strength of the four-drive version of the upgraded Harman Katton 11 speaker sound (with more models optional).The 2022 ID.4X model also features the same color for the entire body, a hidden door handle with a touch, and interior accessories with three personalized colors, including an increased area of color control panels.In addition, the mid-range models have added welcoming floor lights, external rearview mirrors with memory and electric folding/reversing function;The pure version and the pure long-endurance version are equipped with a double USB interface in the back row, and the pure long-endurance version and can optionally be equipped with electric sunshade can open panoramic skylight and the welcome light and other equipment.Not only is the choice between 2021 and 2022 models eliminated, but comparisons with other brands are now clear for consumers.Author: Liu Yingly

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