Let the lonely tell a warm echo jiangsu Mobile help the silver-haired people embrace digital life

“Young man, please help me look, where is the health code?””The declaration form is a little small, you wait, I look for my glasses.”Nowadays, it has become common for people to carry their health code and travel code to open the “bright code for travel”, but can the elderly with smart phones be skilled in opening the health code?How will the pillars of the industrial age cope with the new demands of the information age as they age?The most silent trust depends on “how to open the health code, I still haven’t remembered…””You don’t worry, I write the steps on the paper, you can call me at any time.””Why can’t I see my health code and travel code?”Over 70 years old Aunt Zhu arrived at the mobile business office of Greenland Community in Yunlong District, Xuzhou city on the fourth day of the lunar New Year.Although the small chao of mobile staff member that receives her at that time is pregnant August, still put down lunch immediately, return station to answer the problem of Aunt Zhu.What Zhu aunt uses is the number of dead old companion, pay treasure bound family phone, small chao did everything possible to get him health code, itinerary code for her.”I stayed for an hour and she was so nice.I couldn’t remember, so she said it again, and wrote it down to me.”Aunt Zhu sent a banner to the business hall.Now Aunt Zhu is a regular customer of the mobile business hall in Greenland community, which has solved the important problem for her to enter the information age.”Young people are small things, but older people are difficult.Now they set me a meal and I can go out and watch videos.”Aunt Zhu said that she will go to the business hall on April 20 to change a more suitable package.According to the survey, mobile business offices are becoming the new social networking site for silver users, who are “just in need” of health codes and travel codes.Mobile shop staff are used to answering the same questions over and over again, and write down the “code” steps on sticky notes, which are clipped to the back of elderly users’ mobile phones for easy checking.Statistics show that in 2021, Jiangsu Mobile will set up special seats for the elderly in nearly 2,000 business halls in Jiangsu Province, providing warm-hearted and warm-hearted preferential reception services for nearly 20 million people.”Because of the epidemic, my grandson hasn’t come back for two years. I want to give him a red envelope.””I’ll help you, you open the phone, I’ll talk to you step by step.”Before work, Xiao Zhang received a call “direct to the desk”. An elderly user in his 70s wanted to give red envelopes to his grandchildren in the New Year of 2022.Jiangsu Mobile 10086 hotline artificial customer service xiao Zhang patiently listen to the needs of the old man, in the need to verify user information, Xiao Zhang found that the old man’s mobile phone registered with his son’s ID card, but his children have not been home for two years.”The children are missing you, ‘local New Year’ is in response to the call of the country, to make contributions to the country, we should take good care of ourselves at home, let the children in the distance at ease, peace of mind.Xiao Zhang told the old woman her work number and asked her to call 10086 whenever she had communication problems. “If it’s convenient, please tell me your son’s phone number and we will take the initiative to call and ask him to verify his identity and help you handle business.”Consultation call nearly 50 minutes, Xiao Zhang felt that overtime is worth it, “to be considerate, elderly users like their elders, more patient treatment.We can also give away a certain amount of data to ease the anxiety of older users.”There is a warm echo of the lonely story. On the Spring Festival of 2022, the old man’s son went back to his hometown. He dialed 10086 to appoint Zhang for consultation and handled the corresponding traffic service for the old man.The survey shows that Jiangsu Mobile 10086 always implements the service concept of customer first, listening to the needs and solving problems. For the needs of the silver-haired group, 10086 checks the information in multiple ways or makes the silver-haired group run less through the authorization of its children.Data show that in March 2022, Jiangsu Mobile 10086 has provided one-click service to more than 300,000 elderly people.The average service for elderly users is no less than 500,000 times per month.”How can I not open my itinerary code?””Don’t worry, I’ll help you solve it.”Travel code has become the new normal of life in the information age.On March 15, an old man urgently called 10086 customer service number, “why can’t I open the travel code, the pictures displayed are different from others?”Received a call, Jiangsu Mobile 10086 hotline artificial customer service fenglin side to appease the old man, while quickly troubleshooting problems.After picking up the pieces, Feng Lin found that the old man was using an old man’s machine. He usually used Wi-Fi at home, but did not open a data plan and rarely made calls. Without enough data, there was no way to display the trip code.After patient communication and operation guidance, the old man finally understood the situation. Fenglin recommended the nearest mobile business hall to the old man to facilitate the follow-up face-to-face consultation and communication.”What does cache mean?What is the voice fee outside the package?For some older people, there are so many new terms in the information age that we need to slow down, patiently and repeatedly explain them in an easy-to-understand way.”According to Feng Lin, the group conducts study sessions and often communicates with colleagues to better listen to the appeals of elderly users and better respond to their questions.The investigation shows that Jiangsu Mobile gives priority to elderly users over 65 years old who have registered their real names to dial 10086 customer service hotline and directly answer the phone manually.At the same time to carry out special training for the elderly customer marketing service knowledge and skills, to provide warm, patient, careful service for the elderly.Data show that in 2021, more than 4.5 million elderly people will be provided with manual direct answering services.In 2021, jiangsu Mobile’s special training for the elderly covered more than 50,000 people.According to the seventh national census, jiangsu province has 18.5053 million permanent residents aged 60 and above, and 13.726,500 people aged 65 and above.This makes It more meaningful for Jiangsu Mobile to effectively solve the smart technology difficulties for elderly users.From online to offline, from handheld business hall to offline business hall, jiangsu mobile practice the guiding principle of “people centered”, creating a series of respect for the elderly fitness old service system, and solve the elderly using intelligent technical difficulties, comprehensive help the elderly rapidly converging and intelligent era, especially in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, pay more attention to care for the elderly and help.Change the service with technology, make the service more convenient and warm.In 2022, Jiangsu Mobile will continue to optimize old products and iterate new ones based on the needs of elderly users to fully meet the diverse needs of elderly users such as communication, Internet access, travel, entertainment and nursing.At the same time, Jiangsu Mobile continues to strengthen in-depth cooperation with government units at all levels, social organizations and pension institutions, and regularly carry out mobile phone guidance and use training for the elderly.Next, Jiangsu Mobile will carry out various forms of “love and help the elderly” activities to help the elderly across the “digital divide”.

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