Pyeongluo youth football field flying dreams

The pingluo County 2022 campus football League kicked off on April 1, with 35 football teams from all over the county competing fiercely in two months of competitions.This year, Pingluo county youth football as one of the 10 practical people’s livelihood, solid development of sunshine sports project, the popularization of campus football, and actively cultivate football reserve talents.Every afternoon, nearly 100 students of Pingluo Chengguan No. 1 Primary School completed dribbling, kicking and other training in the game under the guidance of professional coaches.”In the past, soccer was just a sport for physical education, but now we play soccer in kindergarten, master soccer skills in elementary school, consolidate soccer skills in middle school, and improve the overall technical and tactical level in high school.Cao Libin, the school’s president, said.In recent years, Pingluo County has formulated the Implementation Plan of Pingluo County Football Reform and Development and the Implementation Plan of Pingluo County to Promote the deep integration of Sports and Education and Improve students’ physical health level. The county government allocates 300,000 yuan for youth football training every year, and continues to “increase” in education and teaching, training competition, site construction and other aspects.”Double reduction” policy background, Pingluo youth football has a greater space for development.Pingluo gives full play to the advantages of school resources, carries out characteristic training and school-level league, encourages the enthusiasm of rural and non-football characteristic schools to participate in the competition, and the county has formed a pattern of “one school one product” and “one school many products”.At present, 16 schools in the county are selected into the national campus football characteristic schools, 8 football characteristic kindergartens;There are 12 county-level U series teams and 58 university-level U series teams. More than 600 students take part in football training all the year round. In 2021, 30 students will be awarded first-level football athletes and 70 second-level football athletes.”We established contact with enterprises, promoted Hengli Chemical metallurgy Group and Ningxia Yinbei Hospital to set up Hengli Football Club, invested 3.8 million yuan to build a lighting football field, hired 16 retired excellent football players, and went to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools to give football lessons and after-school training to children free of charge.Cultivated the county U14, U16, U18 most of the main players.”Pingluo County sports center director Feng Xiaodong told reporters, through the introduction of football clubs into the school service mechanism, support sports associations, sports clubs to select outstanding coaches to guide teaching and training, greatly improved the level of football competition among teenagers.In 2021, Pingluo won a number of awards in the district youth football Championship, the district campus football league, the district “Champions Cup” football and other competitions, and was awarded the honorary title of “The first batch of National County football Model” by the General Administration of Sport of China.(reporter Li Liang) “little player of football” athletic field.Li Liang perturbation

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