Three kingdoms strategy version of Shu Qi T0 god team, hammer full of red Kirin bow Shu shield

Preface: this article first public number, unauthorized prohibit “plagiarism article” to other platforms.Author: the strategy version of The Three Kingdoms with the prince hello, I am the three wars with the prince, every day to help with the opening of the land, and you said that the military commander to choose, I hope to help you!The strategy version of The Three Kingdoms is currently the most commonly used is Shu Qi and three potential land reclamation, simply said that the reclamation intensity is about the same, but the three potential land hard transformation of meat bow and millet bow, but often appeared to be Wu Qi headshot team sling, from the environment is even better than Shu Qi good!Of course, this is set up with a complete system of high red shu riding configuration!Today, we will give you a look at the current game in the strongest form of Shu Riding play!Shu Riding T0 god team configuration: Jiang Wei: capture the soul with soul + cup snake ghost car off screen: sheng qi Ling enemy + according to the water guan Feather: dustpan formation array + sweep thousands of troops (from the battle method, the configuration of this lineup should be full red inside the lowest, without grass boat military and people, other battle method is also easier to gather together!)Next, take a look at the frontline PVP battle report: go out of the first battle with a red top with the Kirin bow, big thousands of battle loss to win.Play full red Wei Yan Dun, is pure abuse of vegetables, not high war damage.Taoyuan shield is also better to play, after all, reddness and troop suppression.Full of red dian gan Tai Cheng, pan – shaped array sheng Gas ling enemy perfect restraint.It is not difficult to hit the red Lu Xun meat bow, basically too Shi Shi eat sheng qi, this bureau basically won.Whiteboard tiger Chen bow is not an opponent.Summary: this team hit shield soldiers and bow soldiers have a relatively large advantage, especially the early with grade and redness advantage of Shu Qi, basically brainless blunt in addition to the two arms of rattan armor shield, basically is a wave of harvest!Here dare so bold out of this Shu qi, in addition to reddness advantage, mainly is the current bow troops are very many, wu gun environment is not good, coupled with the rise of taiwei shield, shu qi Wei qi return to the opportunity!As for the team to play the other side, playing a kitchen knife team huge advantage, to play the mage team is lucky, the overall winning percentage is relatively high, after all, marines and mage cavalry gun soldier squad is not much, at the same time close the screen and guan yu, also has a higher control limit, whiteboards harm is not easy to draw, is also a chance to win a full red team!

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