Blind box pen, vaccine pen, decompression notebook?Stationery “toyification”, experts remind……

Nowadays, there are more and more kinds and styles of stationery. Some stationery with unique and fancy shapes and endowed with toy properties also appear on the market, which makes many parents worry that such stationery will affect children’s learning.March 22 afternoon, the reporter in kunming spring city elementary school by a stationery store, selling all kinds of stationery to let a person dazzling, in addition to the traditional single function of stationery, and blind box, vaccines, pen, cartoon pen, cartoon eraser bright-coloured color, modelling is now more popular cartoon stationery, sharp focus.Merchant: “I only have blind box pens here. Grade 4 and 5 students buy more pens, because grade 4 students use carbon pens, and the price is almost the same as ordinary pens. They think this kind of pattern is pretty and the sales volume is not so high.”On the network trading platform, this kind of stationery is dazzling.Decompression notebook, cartoon writing case, blind box pen and so on everything.A businessman introduces, these stationery sells well still, with this decompression notebook, quite be favored by the child, actually this notebook is on the basis of ordinary notebook, the stereo cartoon model that joined a soft material material on the shell, pinch to have soft and comfortable feeling.The worry for parents is that such stationery will distract children who are not strong enough to control themselves.Parent: “I know that there are a lot of things on the Internet, but I really haven’t seen it in the shop, nor have I bought it. I understand that toys should have the attributes of toys. Stationery is the attributes of stationery.Parent: “I think it’s better to keep it simple and keep her focused. It’s distracting if it’s too loud.Student: “Fancy stationery will interfere with study.”So, this kind of “toylike” stationery after all to children, especially the children of low age how much impact?On this issue, the reporter also interviewed relevant experts.Zhou Ning, Professor of Psychology, Yunnan Normal University:”Big probability will affect the child’s attention, especially in low period of the child, such as the second grade, the nature of children would like to play, when you put a toy stationery in front of the children, let him finish learning tasks, this is the challenge to the nature of children, and children’s nature is giving challenge, attention will be taken away.”Zhou Ning introduced, the younger the child’s attention is more likely to be distracted, primary school children in grade one or two, attention to maintain a maximum of 20 minutes or so, which if the increase of other interference, then it will certainly affect the child’s learning.Therefore, it is important to minimize external distractions to help children develop their ability to focus.Yunnan normal university psychology professor Zhou ning: “I suggest that the parents give their children study of choose and buy, try to follow a principle, not to buy too many delays the function of stationery, children are small, need a relatively simple environment to train his willpower, along with the age growth, after he has self-control, will change.”Reporter: Duan Haoting Hu Zhenyu source: YNTV2 urban barcode

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