Digital RMB six questions six answers into the Winter Olympics consumption scene

Bian Wanli, a reporter for 21st Century Business Herald in Beijing, said, “When I entered the red line for the Winter Olympics, I went to exchange my Winter Olympic-themed digital YUAN wallet.””The hard wallet can touch the POS machine through the glass, which is convenient and safe to use,” Said Xiao Li, a volunteer for the Beijing Winter Olympics.When the Winter Olympics are over, I can keep it as a souvenir.”The digital renminbi is a digital legal tender issued by the People’s Bank of China to meet domestic retail payment needs.As of October 8, 2021, there were more than 3.5 million digital RMB pilot scenarios, covering various fields such as public utilities, catering services, transportation, shopping and government affairs.As a pilot scenario, businesses within the red line of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, hotels contracted by the Winter Olympics and designated hospitals all support digital RMB payment.Outside the red line, merchants with digital RENMINBI signs can also accept digital renminbi.During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, consumers at home and abroad will be able to enjoy the convenience of small amounts of mobile payment through abundant digital RMB products.Six questions and six answers will help you understand the use of digital RMB in the Winter Olympics.1. What are the benefits of using digital RMB?On the one hand, due to the brand rights and interests of the Winter Olympics, VISA and cash (physical and digital RMB) payments are allowed in the Venues.For users who are used to mobile payment, using digital RMB can save the inconvenience of carrying cash and the trouble of making change, and also provide a payment option for foreign friends coming to China.On the other hand, digital RMB can easily realize contact-free payment, which can fully meet the epidemic prevention requirements of the Winter Olympics and contribute to a safe Olympics. This is also its unique advantage.2. How to download the digital RMB APP?At present, the digital RMB APP has been put on the shelves of all mobile APP stores in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and users can directly search and download it.The digital RMB APP supports mobile phone number registration and wallet opening for nearly 100 Winter Olympics participating countries and regions.For foreign visitors who come to China and use apple phones, they can register their Apple ID in China and search for digital RMB and ECNY through the App Store to find the digital RMB App to download and install.If you use an Android phone, you can go to the official digital RMB download page (BANK of China provides access to the QR code), download the installation package and install it directly.3. Can digital RMB be used only through APP?It isn’t.Consumers can choose to use the digital RMB APP or exchange the digital RMB hard wallet.Among them, hard wallet includes card hard wallet, bracelet hard wallet and other forms, which can be obtained and used anonymously, which is safe, convenient and fully protects personal privacy, and fully meets the needs of users for small and anonymous payment.Digital RMB hard wallet is easy to open and use.Consumers can easily obtain and open digital RMB wallets through bank of China branches, hard-wallet self-service machines and designated hotels at the site of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.4. How to open a digital RMB wallet for foreigners in China?Overseas visitors to China can apply for a hard wallet according to their own needs, or open an anonymous four-category wallet through the digital RMB App downloaded in China using their overseas mobile phone number, and exchange the digital RMB with cash or foreign card.5. Is it necessary to bind a bank to open a digital RMB wallet?It isn’t.Since the bank account of the digital yuan is loosely coupled, opening a wallet does not necessarily require a bank account.If a consumer wants to make small daily purchases, he or she can open four types of wallets at any service provider by using his or her mobile phone number.Operating institutions identify customers and manage digital RMB wallets in layers according to the strength of customer identification, and assign different transaction and daily transaction limits and balance limits to various wallets according to the strength of real names.The four types of digital RMB wallets with the lowest permissions belong to anonymous wallets, with a balance limit of 10,000 yuan, a single payment limit of 2,000 yuan and a daily accumulative payment limit of 5,000 yuan.It can be opened only with my mobile phone number, which reflects the design principle of controllable anonymity of digital RMB.6. How to use the “Tieyi Tieyi” function of digital RMB?Users who have downloaded the digital RMB APP can easily “paste” the wallet if they buy it.The “Tieyitiao” function in the DIGITAL RMB App can “connect” the soft and hard wallets, and manage the hardware wallet carefully on the phone, making the hardware wallet more secure.”Tieyitiao” can read the device loaded with digital RMB hardware wallet. After opening the NFC function of the mobile phone, the hardware wallet and the NFC area of the mobile phone are kept close, and the mobile phone APP can read the information of the hardware wallet.After “Tieyi Tieyi”, the digital RMB APP can be used to set the payment password, query the balance and transaction details, recharge and redeem the hardware wallet.For more information, please download the 21 Finance APP

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