Jiangsu Jurong Senior High School new project design evaluation results public

Jiangsu Jurong Senior High School long-distance new project design evaluation results1. Project Profile Name of the tenderer Bidding method of Jurong Education Bureau Name and number of the bidding section in public bidding ZJJR202112568001001Jiangsu Jurong Senior High School new project project design bidding control price (YUAN) 1670000.00 Bidding period (days) 60 quality standard qualified bid opening time 2022-02-1009:30 itemized and selection the candidate (in no particular order) serial number the name of the project director bid price (RMB) time (days) quality standards for enterprise and project director general situation and performance of honor plus 1 nanjing architectural design co., LTD., sum cheung 1610000.0040 2 qualified Sun Chenglei 1628 southeast university architecture design and research institute co., LTDQualified 3 Jiangsu Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., LTD. Wang Xiaomin 1595000.0040 Qualified 3 Comprehensive evaluation opinions of each bidder No. Bidder Name Tender Offer (YUAN) Whether to be shortlisted for the bid Evaluation Committee Comprehensive evaluation Opinions 3 Jiangsu Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., LTD. 1595000.00 Yes 1 Nanjing Excellent buildingDesign Co., LTD. 1610000.00 Yes 2 Architectural Design and Research Institute Of Southeast University Co., LTD. 1628000.00 Yes This tender evaluation result publicity period starts from 2022-02-11 to 2022-02-15.Any bidder or other interested party who has any objection to the above-mentioned bid assessment results shall raise such objection to the tenderer during the publicity period.If there are no objections to the result of bid assessment at the expiration of the period of publicity, the tenderer shall organize the bid selection activities in accordance with the provisions of the tender documents.

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