As you get older, you realize that good health is great wealth

Someone said: “mood, is the first gate of health;Have a good mood and health will follow you.”As they say: “You have lofty dreams, you have supreme power, you have endless wealth, but without health, you have nothing.”So: “health is the biggest capital and the most precious wealth of life, with health will have happiness in life, with health will have the future of life, health is the premise of everything.Remember to cherish yourself, don’t wait to lose, just know that lost their last capital, defeated the bottom line of life.”In this world, competition is intense, in order to survive, in order to live a good life for your family, young you are busy working day and night, squandering their health.But what if, when you get old, although you have made money and succeeded in your career, you find yourself physically exhausted!Come to think of it, what a pyrrhic gain!Life is alive, life for us only once, a healthy body is particularly important for each of us!A person can do without money, fame and wealth, but never without a healthy body, if not a strong body, you get the world what?To know that health is a person’s greatest capital, but also people’s spiritual food!For the elderly, the best way to keep healthy is to travel, in the travel, the elderly will be in the process of walking or climbing mountains, and exercise.Sports can promote people’s metabolism, exercise the heart function, so that people’s body is enhanced, greatly beneficial to health.On the way to travel, the beauty of nature and fresh air make people happy and comfortable.This benign stimulation, combined with exposure to nature’s ultraviolet and infrared rays, dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation and metabolism.Ultraviolet still can promote the absorption of calcium, phosphorus of human body.Tourism is good for healthy people, even for patients with some diseases, taking part in appropriate tourism is beneficial to the body, and even can play a certain therapeutic role.The father of medicine, the Greek doctor Hippocrates once said, “sunshine, air, water and movement, and is the source of life and health.” according to the ancient plain is the theory of wisdom, travel is one of the best way to achieve a healthy state, because tourism can not only more exposure to sunlight and air, more close to the heart, our heart is always in the trivial daily life do not knowUnconsciously alienated from us.Health and travel have always been basic human needs.So old friends, take your legs, step into the green mountains and clear waters, to feel the embrace of nature!

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