Is league of Legends mobile game fire always scraping?So let’s try piercing embers

Hello, I’m Monkey from rabbit Strategy group.A lot of people have asked me before, can EMbers still play?How strong are the embers?Can you make an issue of embers?Behind me in found that after a few rounds of qualifying damage state is possible, but we can’t get hit the flexible out of the pack some hurt first of all, the current version of the environment, the observant players should be found, I recommend you recently many are equipped with combination, and is enough meat, so we shouldn’t play shines out crit, should wear armor,This way we can impress some of the more fleshy warriors or pure fleshy tanks.The current strength of embers is ok, the damage is not very low, but the skill hit requirements are too high, for example, we cooperate with teammates to play the key control energy, EMbers W has been strengthened before the control time, so it seems that W is very important.Appearance aspect:First or more comfortable, deep and remote dream deep and remote dream provide wear armor and damage is very large, at the same time can improve the speed of our running figure, after fast pace on collocation can let us walk a hide skills while playing hurt, fits in this state no displacement of the AD, match the screen edge blade can be greatly increased damage state, the screen edge to the passive vision can also use card to refresh,The blade provides a short CD shield that increases ember’s fault tolerance and may save life in critical moments.Late enemy started out meat percentage we need to wear armor to hurt, light language and resentment can choose by the situation, if the other party didn’t nurse resentment, the more the hero we can resent with grains of small skills can improve the big shot, resurrection can guarantee our survival, a substantial increase in our fault tolerance,We can also choose from other items on the Resurrection ARMOR CD.Will feel comfortable, grains and other heroes, fast (like you can also use the conqueror, I personally, don’t know you will not adapt) brutality and triumph can choose according to the situation, more than the other crispy took triumphant adaptive shell can improve our fault tolerant fruit can improve our life skills LianZhao on line:EQ, on the line using E to blast the rear row soldiers to the residual blood, with Q closed at the same time consumption to the other side of the hero, on the line is very easy to use.WR, EMbers W imprisonment time is relatively long, W imprisonment can help us hit the first shot of the big move to slow down, can help us better kill the target.AQAWAEA, in the fight can quickly hit four shots of detailed explanation of the game notes: embers no displacement, is very eat walk, dozen must pay attention to their position and walk, can hide the skills we try to escape, the key control skills we can use flash escape, so as not to be accused of being killed by the second.Analysis of the rhythm of the line: in the early stage, we use the line to lower the opponent’s health, and then with our flat A, it is easy to get the advantage in the exchange of blood, if we cooperate with the soft auxiliary, then we can do A good job of vision control line, slowly torture the opponent, do not let him develop well.If we match the hard auxiliary, can be appropriately creepy to control the soldiers in front of our tower, at the same time to play wild mark our nearby where there is a view, can be very good with play wild Gank, once the other side is killed by gank, his line is directly broken.We don’t rush to play the back row, pay attention to the teammate who has control, we will cooperate with him to extend the control time, especially to the other side of the C position, we should pay attention to their OWN W not blocked, or we can play in the face, with teammates to control the other side of the hero, to ensure our own safety.Welcome everyone private reply 1 can be at any time to get each hero 1 figure to understand the real-time update version of the strong hero play to help you easily on the diamond oh ~

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