Legend of MIR II: These four warrior bracelets are extremely embarrassing for warrior players!

The legend of Mir ii’s best attribute setting has always been the old player’s favorite setting, no one.It just got lost in the update process with all the new high-stats gear and some upgraded crafting.In the past, the maximum point in the old area is also within 10 points (except for BUG products), for today’s new equipment hundreds of attribute points and forging hundreds of attribute bonus is really not enough to look at, it is a pity.It is good to add attributes to the previous equipment, but to add to the class.For example, the Reaper glove has 1-2 attack stats, and if you add 3 attack stats, it becomes a top piece of equipment for warriors. If you add 3 magic stats, it becomes a bit embarrassing.Equipment like this situation has also appeared a lot, really some people speechless.However, if there are any real equipment that is not in place, it must be the following four pieces, although they are soldiers’ equipment, but their attributes make soldiers extremely embarrassed!Share it with everyone.Bracelets of magic 0-3: Bracelets of magic 0-3: Bracelets of magic 0-3: Bracelets of magic 0-3: Bracelets of magic 0-3: Bracelets of magic 0-3: Bracelets of magic 0-3: Bracelets of magic 0-3: Bracelets of magic 0-3: Bracelets of magic 0-3Magic bracelets do have some of the most extreme properties that can embarrass warrior players, such as the pair of magic 0-3 bracelets shown above, which do live up to their name, but are awkward to warrior players.Jihadi bracelet first: jihadi bracelet, attribute anti 2 magic 4 jihadi bracelet is 176 version of the soldier’s highest jewelry, the old area has also appeared a lot of attack 5 or even attack 6 jihadi bracelet.But the jihadi bracelet above is a bit too much for warrior players to watch.An extra 1 defense cap is good, but you’re overdoing it by adding 4 mana caps, which is a way of putting the mage against the warrior player.Mana bracelet is 0-1 defense, 0-4 mana, this holy war bracelet is better than mana bracelet.Unfortunately, there is also the question of which 40 points of attack to wear when the mage needs to wear the holy War bracelet.Knight bracelet second: knight bracelet, attribute road magic 0-5 knight bracelet 2-2 can ignore the “transport nine sets”, in the legendary history did not appear how many extreme properties of the knight bracelet, but as long as the point is basically a treasure.For example, a knight bracelet that defends 0-2, a knight bracelet that attacks 2-4, etc.The knight bracelet with the highest attack that Tao has seen is 2-5 and is now available to collectors in the old district.No attack is as high as this knight bracelet, which has an extra 5 mana limit. What does that mean for warrior players?Anyway, Lao Dao was shocked when he saw it. I wonder if the dao 5 knight bracelet still exists.Let him know if you see him.Knight bracelet # 3: Knight Bracelet, Stats 1 Demon 5 If the above knight bracelet is embarrassing to warrior players, then this knight bracelet above is embarrassing to warrior players.An extra defensive stat is great, but what do you mean by an extra 5 mana cap?This is beyond the properties of the flame-bracer, and looks both funny and reasonable, which really makes the warrior player feel oppressed.In fact, there are many similar equipment in legend, such as the legendary Taoist bracelet with Magic 5 in District 100.Have you seen the above three warrior bracelets?What other equipment have you seen that was so embarrassing while playing Legends?Welcome to share in the comments.

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