Mom walked for six years, and I kept running for six years

Spring today, six years ago today, my mother died in the hospital, I suddenly felt the earth fell apart, the head is empty, MY most afraid of the moment suddenly came.Even though my mother stayed in the hospital for six years, even though I knew she would leave me that winter, the day she left was before the New Year, and the beginning of spring was covered with snow.I remember that winter vacation, my friend said that if there is anything about auntie, you must inform me. They all know that my mother’s life is in danger, because that year, I lost control of emotion and cried in front of them for many times.When I got the new house, I gave the old house to my mother. The new house is less than 3 kilometers away from the old house, which I thought was the best distance.I used to ride my bike to visit my parents after work, and they knew I would be there no matter how late it was.Once, I went to the old house after evening study, I heard my mother said to my father outside the door, “I said she will come, you see, she is not coming…”When I opened the door, my parents, who had gone to sleep, saw me, rustling in pajamas, smiling. My father’s eyes were smiling, and so was my mother.She said it so late, and looked as happy as a child.I fell in love with my parents’ smile.In winter, I bought a lot of vegetables, green vegetables, radish, moss, black fish, tenderloin, heavy, I drove to my parents to send food, I worry about the cold weather afraid they go out to worry about slippery parents fall.Mom walked me downstairs and we walked around the neighborhood.Mother wearing flower pants, black jacket, snow boots, the community of red plum opened, we took photos together, my mother also smiled.Mom had cancer, she knew, she has been active treatment, we go to the hospital every day.In the urology department of Union Medical College Hospital, mother is a frequent visitor. Most doctors and nurses there know her and admire her strong willpower. The professor said, “Your mother is the strongest woman I have ever seen.”Mom was always optimistic.At that time, I often pretended to be a staff member of The Union Hospital and took the staff elevator to go upstairs to visit my parents….Her cancer was terminal and she was in so much pain that half a month before she died that winter, she finally stopped knowing me.That day, heavy snow, I went to send rice, dad said H children, mother said “H children did not come, she is in TV, the people speaking in TV is H children”.I hid my face and cried.In the evening, the daughter came to visit her mother, mother held my daughter’s hand, muttered: “or my baby, you have to study hard, you must listen to your mother!”My daughter nodded and told me that grandma still recognized her.Mother walked that moment, as if a bolt from the blue, the sky fell apart, I unknowingly dialed a friend’s phone in the elevator, only humming a friend said you don’t be afraid I know.My daughter took my father’s hand and went to the next room. Several friends quickly came to the hospital…The thing I worry about the most is coming, I was forced to deal with my mother’s affairs, before I had countless times worried about how to do after my mother left, I did not think how to do is forced to do.Dad said, “The doctor estimated that the day your mother left was the third day of the Chinese New Year, I did not think she left a few days earlier, she is worried about you have a bad New Year.” Dad said and choked up, I did not speak, tears flow first.Crying has been with me, countless days.Time flies like an arrow.Nearly 2,000 days have flown away.Two months after my mother left, with my father’s encouragement, I started running.Countless early mornings and nights, as if my mother had not been far away from me, in the mottled depths of memory, she slowly walked over, I believe, mother just changed a way, her love never far away.In April 2016, I recorded my running data with Gudong, and my running time was nearly 20,000km.In imperceptible persistence, I slowly out of sorrow.Not sad, is lying.But, anyway, in the sad time to become strong learn to face, is what I should do.In October 2016, I participated in my first half-horse race and scored 152.In 2017, I participated in my first all-horse race.In the past six years, I have insisted on many things. The most important thing is that I have insisted on keeping my original aspiration.When my mother was alive, I fell in love with running, my mother always said: “You must do your own body well, don’t like me, a body of disease.”Miss together through the days, miss the snow of the winter, miss to help my parents to buy food to send food days, miss countless times to the hospital and mother friends of the day, miss mother proudly said that this is my daughter ah……Wuhan has no snow since the beginning of spring.2022.2.4 Author profile: Love food, love majia line, love running, love fitness, “A Hundred Essays”, “Foshan Literature” and other paper publications published pure literature works of more than 400,000 words, marathon amateur runner, run 20,000 kilometers, full horse 357, half horse 147, will run without injury to the end.

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