Only four teams in the four major conferences remain unbeaten, one more than those without their first win

With the end of the third week of the 2022LCK spring season, the four major divisions have a short offseason due to the Spring Festival.I believe we all know that in addition to many teams in the LPL division, the other three divisions of the four major divisions, LCK, LEC and LCS, many teams in these three divisions have also undergone no small change in the new season.The change of teams naturally means that the new season pattern will also change, so let’s take a look at the situation of the four divisions before the Spring Festival.LPL division there are currently two winning teams in LPL division, they are temporarily ranked first LNG and 2021 world Finals champion EDG.In addition, the LPL division still has one team without a first win, and that team is WE, which has undergone major changes in the new season.In addition, with the exception of TES, the current ranking of other teams is relatively normal, most believe that it is more in line with many LPL fans’ initial expectations.In the LCK division, T1 is currently in the first place with 6 consecutive wins, followed by GEN and DK.Of course, THE LCK new season pattern is believed to be more in line with LPL fans’ expectations.After all, T1, GEN, and DK were supposed to be the “big three” at the start of the season.Interestingly, however, DK’s current 3-3 record is somewhat surprising.In addition, like LPL, LCK also has a team to make people surprised, this team is the current temporary bottom KDF.You know, KDF has stars like Kiin and this season’s addition of Teddy.LEC Division The LEC division also has an unbeaten gold medal winning team, and this team is RGE.Although RGE did well in the regular season of 2021, it should be noted that there are also some changes in the RGE lineup this season.So it’s a bit of a surprise that RGE has won 7 in a row so far.In addition to winning teams, LEC also has one team that has yet to win its first game: the AST team, which is at the bottom of the league.In addition, VIT, who struggled at the beginning of the season, has actually picked up in recent games, and Perzk is gradually finding his footing.In addition to VIT, FNC, G2, the two LEC giants in the new season still maintain a good competitiveness.MAD, which dominated the LEC in 2021, is currently in fourth place due to the departure of key players.The LCS division differs from the other three major divisions In that the LCS division undergoes an LCS Lock In opening year tournament before the start of the new season, which is the equivalent of a warm-up tournament for the LCS professional league.And this division, I believe more people focus on Bjergsen’s TL.At present, THE two teams of TL and EG have met for the final.At 4:30 a.m. on January 31st.Of course, if you count the opening tournament in the LCS season, all the teams in the LCS division have lost so far, and there are no undefeated teams.And IMT this team is still not to get the first win.Finally, the four teams that still keep undefeated gold MEDALS in the four divisions are EDG and LNG of LPL division.T1 in LCK division;RGE for the LEC division.The team that still hasn’t won its first win in the four major divisions is LPL’s WE;LEC AST and LCS DIVISION IMT!

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