The beginning of the finale, questioning the ending Rotten end on Weibo hot search, user: who said rotten end please stand out

Quotation: “At the beginning of the New Year of 2022, an infinite loop brain-burning short drama” The Beginning “was launched on the Internet. Shortly after its launch,” The Beginning “was highly praised by netizens, who said that” brain-burning and wonderful TV series are rarely seen any more “, “It is really a good short drama” and so on.However, today, the finale of “The Beginning” has aroused hot discussion on the Internet, because “The Beginning” is suspected to have a bad ending, and the topic of “the beginning” has quickly topped the list of hot searches on Weibo. What’s going on?”1 today, “The Beginning” ushered in the final, and after the broadcast, the question of “the Beginning” bad end of the topic will be quickly on the hot search, however, when clicked into the topic, only to find that the situation is not as expected as a joke, on the contrary, there is almost one-sided praise.Netizens have expressed their opinions on the ending of the Beginning: “It is successful”, “I don’t understand why there is such a topic, I am very satisfied very satisfied very satisfied very satisfied very satisfied very satisfied with the beginning and ending”, “Do you call this a bad ending?Haven’t you seen the Arabian Nights? “Stand up and I promise I won’t hit you.”It can be seen that netizens are quite satisfied with the ending of the beginning.Lao Jiao is rich, Lao Zhang is still alive, Xiao Jiang is smart, Lu Di has a cat, and uncle’s son is eating melon. This is a very perfect ending.Until now, it’s rare to see a TV series with a happy ending for all the characters.After all, many TV dramas leave some suspense, let the ending full of regret, in order to better hanger the appetite of netizens, at the same time to see the voice of the audience to decide whether to continue filming next season.And according to sources, in fact, the happy ending has been the lack of men and women major into the positive result of the story, or the cast in the beginning to see the feedback is good, just ask Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing to return to Ningbo to fill the shooting of this story, I can see the cast for the beginning or very hard.2 After the end of “The Beginning”, many netizens said that although they have to admit that they are very vulgar, but really like to see such a happy ending, it is better than the end with regret, at least it can make me happy for a long time.Indeed, our country has always had a tradition of completeness, such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, etc. It always feels that the family should be round and harmonious and that is the best result.And this subtle influence has been affecting the Chinese people, so that every Chinese, in fact, subconsciously, is more hope to see a satisfactory result.But I have to say that in life, life is not always good, and there is nothing like the happy ending in The Beginning, where everyone ends up working out for the best.Life is full of regrets.But no matter what, everyone’s heart is filled with joy at the happy ending of the Beginning.It’s not easy for a shoestring to do that now.Kudos to the director and everyone who worked on The Beginning.Look forward to more and better works in the future.Conclusion “the moon waxes and wanes, people have joys and sorrows”, the plot of TV, is always exist in our heart the most beautiful fantasy just, happy, still remember contentment.As a few days ago viral online Liu Xuezhou suicide general, a lot of things are not rely on people’s will and can be transferred, to learn to meet, learn to put down, so as to maintain happy, happy, hope that the majority of users do not happen again so sad “accident”.

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