A New Year’s Eve dinner for a family of 3 in Hebei province, a table of food is too interesting, netizens: The Year of the Ox is so rich

The New Year’s Eve dinner of three people in Hebei Province, a table of dishes is very interesting.Hebei province in the year of the ox so rich in a few days ago, three people ate dinner, my friend circle is very interesting, everybody cheerfully discussed, no matter who see the food on the table, all will be able to reflect, is going to be in the year of the ox, many netizens said after seeing this article, this is really too rich, the year of the ox should eat the cow,Today, take a good look at what this family of three New Year’s Eve dinner has.It’s got a golden broth base, it’s got slices of beef in the middle, it’s got mushrooms underneath, it’s got a crunchy, soft texture, it’s supposed to be delicious, it sounds like it’s perfect for New Year, but it’s got all the colors and flavors, and it’s golden and it looks vintage, and you eat a lot of beef in the Year of the Ox.Tribute dinner will be drinking, drinking without kind of snacks should we have, because is the year of the ox, so it’s best to put the beef as a kind of snacks should we have starters, prepare a few made flavour add beef, beef on a plate and then sliced, eat when I drink is very convenient, and halogen miso beef flavor is very thick, can be dipped into the dough when eating, feel better to drink, drink a little chat more fragrant.Although tomato beef ribs after also have sweet and sour taste, but the family seemed to like the taste of sweet and sour, cattle in the ribs and the taste of fat is different, have the feeling of chewing, but it’s good and cooked tomatoes taste become soft, because is massive, so was stronger than the presence of fat, and also after the fire the juice when going abroad, whole food on the plate appears so no juice,Because the flavor has completely gone into the meat.For the first few dish can be heavy, so the fish choose by steaming method, taste is light, after steamed fish, eating and material collocation, it is very nice, and fish on the steaming process is actually one of the best, because it can send out the fresh taste of their own, completely nutrition does not leak, steamed fish and can guarantee the integrity of, appear even more beautiful.The shrimp is one of the most popular in the tea restaurant shelter pool with Fried shrimp method, it should be a lot of young people like, shelter pool tastes a bit sweet, and shrimp roll rice bran bread, outside after eating becomes crispy, can bite directly to the shell, and the taste is very strong, Fried shrimp, there are two main points, shrimp in salted shrimp on the back to get rid of silk,The flavor is not only on the surface of the shrimp, but also on the inside of the shrimp, and then using the oil of the shrimp to stir-fry the green Onions and the minced garlic, which adds to the flavor, but also coloring the rice bran of the bread and the whole dish not only tastes good, but also gives it another layer of color.Finally a simple vegetable soup is very low, only use the doll arrange and fans, because boiled soup, in the process of cooking can make rice to absorb better flavor, taste taste soft, and the smell of cooking, cooking is very difficult, actually cooked too long, will completely decay is not delicious, but, even after also does not have the effect of cooking, do it, it’s not soft,But in order to have a crunchy texture, you need to control the timing.This New Year’s Eve dinner for a family of three in Hebei province is really a meat dish worth seeing, all made of beef, as we welcome the New Year is the Year of the Ox, and seafood and dishes are also balanced dishes.I’m Guan Zi, the average dad who loves to share food and food!Today to share with you, if you like my share, you can click the article under the thumb “like” and small rocket “recommend”, please love your people and your love to see your share is the best encouragement for me!

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