Dream journey to the West: artifact of the Underworld wow!Three special events of the saplings

Fantasy Journey to the West presents wonderful anecdotes every day.Sincerely wish to give me some attention to the friends can make a fortune as soon as possible, take no level, to achieve our childhood dream!Wow a player out of a 120 level of double man claw thorn, damage is good, two blue words are very useful, so the player is very eager to know its price.To see how much money he could make, because he didn’t have the same weapon, so he had to go around asking people how much they could sell it for.Xiaobian also very want to know, this can be said to be the power of the small magic weapon can sell how much?If the damage had been higher.Magic into other attributes, that will certainly be able to sell thousands of dollars, but now xiaobian feel can only sell 1500.The seller places 3000 yuan also return line, perhaps encounter rich subterraneum player, give it second.A player planted saplings, three times after the special events, he kept in the brain imagination will get what baby reward, will not give get soft five treasure?Will there be several brands?Hahaha, not a single brand, although got two super golden dew, two five treasure and one color fruit, but this player is not satisfied at all.People’s three special events, but at least have a brand ah, why NetEase favoritism?Keep the broken horns, don’t hand in the task. The broken horns of this young animal are very strange and beautiful.You can keep it. Don’t use it to repair baby Nian.If we don’t have this next year.Then this broken corner will be out of print props, and can be sold for money.Don’t forget, sun Wukong’s golden staff sold for 3 million.

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