Population alarm goes off after birth fails?In 2022, a new plan will be ushered in, winning praise from parents

At present, China has sounded the alarm of population crisis, the fertility rate continues to low, continue to maintain, the total population will gradually reduce.In order to encourage young couples to have children, the state has launched a number of welfare policies, but the effect is not obvious.After the birth of fruitless, usher in a new plan in 2022, the benefits are improved again, won the praise of the majority of parents.An international organization once released a report that China may lose its position as the most populous country in the future, and it will be replaced by India.At present, China’s fertility rate continues to decline, while the aging problem is aggravated.You know, once the population alarm is sounded, it means that the scale of talent in Our country will be reduced, while various industries will have a shortage of workers.There are three reasons for the declining birthrate in our country, all of them very real!In the first place, modern young people gain a new perspective on their own lives after receiving higher education.Getting married and having children is no longer a necessary experience in life. Instead, young people pay more attention to realizing their self-worth and enjoying themselves.At the same time of ideological progress, many young people become anti-marriage or dink.They can’t be called selfish, everyone has the right to decide how their life should be.Second, the advancement of women’s status.In ancient times, women had low status and could only take care of their husbands and children at home. There was even a saying that a woman without talent was virtuous.But now it is different, the society advocates equality between men and women, women can receive higher education, but also have their own career.In the struggle phase, once a woman becomes pregnant and has a child, there is bound to be a delay.It has been observed that many enterprise leaders will focus on cultivating male employees because they are worried that female employees will be distracted after marriage and childbirth.Based on this factor, women’s desire to give birth gradually decreases.Third, economic pressure after marriage.Some couples buy a house on loan, and half of their monthly income has to be used to repay the loan.Once you have children or have more than one child, there is a significant increase in household expenses.Therefore, many young couples do not want to have children, but dare not to give their children a good life and education conditions.In the early stage of the new plan, China did not introduce policies to stimulate fertility, but the effect was not ideal, because it did not hit the key.So China launched a new plan in 2022.The new plan involves three main points.The first point is the extension of maternity leave for birth parents by a minimum of two months. Currently, for families with a second or third child, maternity leave is extended to more than three months.Under the new scheme, parents will be given parental leave ranging from a few days to half a month.This time, those holidays add up to 350 days, which is entirely avoidable.The second is an increase in maternity benefits.Families with two children and three children in Panzhihua, Sichuan province, can get a monthly allowance of 500 yuan, while Shihezi, Xinjiang province, gets 500-1,000 yuan.Finally, there is the housing subsidy, which is basically a one-time payment of up to 10,000 yuan.The above three points can be said to be the fundamental solution to the young couples worry about the problem, the public praise.It is believed that under the new regulations, the low birth rate in China will be improved.In addition to the problem of low birth rate, the government is also coming up with measures to cope with the increasing aging population.This will not only ease the labor shortage crisis, but also enable the elderly to become self-sufficient.More importantly, after people delay the retirement age, they can continue to pay social contributions to stay in office, and get higher pension benefits when they really retire.

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