The fourth season of the online new media theme publicity campaign of the Armed Police Force “Drums of War to Urge Spring” was launched

Lights dim, swing soldier busy.As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger approaches, the land of China is filled with laughter and reunion.At the moment, tens of thousands of armed police officers and soldiers are sticking to the battle position, guarding the lights of thousands of families, determined to be strong and capable, with loyalty and responsibility, selfless dedication and blood youth to the great motherland, for a strong army and a prosperous army.In order to vigorously promote the armed Police force to hear the order and the hot scene of the New Year training, the moving story of the officers and soldiers on duty during the Spring Festival and protecting peace, the propaganda bureau of the Political work Department of the Armed Police force will continue to launch the fourth quarter of the network new media theme publicity activities during the Spring Festival.Focus on tianjin armed police corps motorized detachment, armed police corps in jiangsu mobile teams, armed police corps of hunan mobile team, the armed police corps of sichuan mobile first team the second motor, armed police corps a detachment of 2021 annual military training advanced unit launched online publicity, to three-dimensional show armed forces firmly listen to command, gather strength training in preparation for the new style and features, speed up the transformation development.This themed online campaign will start from January 31 to February 5, when the People’s Daily Online,,,, and other key central news websites will participate in the interviews and reports, and the NEW media matrix of the ARMED Police Force will follow up and push them synchronously.Source: People’s Daily Online Editor-in-chief: Jiang Peng Chief editor: Wang Jijian Duty editor: Wen Zhe

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