The world: “cooked by raw rice mature rice” Chunyan, in fact, than anyone else are smart

In the TV series in the world, xiaolei huang played ChunYan, become a role, the higher heat xiaolei huang’s voice, in the play is also very has the sense of her age, and Zhou Bingkun ChunYan Zhou Bingkun pursuit, also made a lot of joke, though women chasing men at that time would be laughed at, but careless ChunYan,She doesn’t care what other people think of her. In her mind, she just wants to be happy.Unfortunately Zhou Bingkun really don’t like ChunYan, in the heart of Zhou Bingkun, ChunYan is your good elder brothers, may be at our side, also can have such a story, a good relationship of the two families, mean to set the children together, but seem to match the children, in fact just be each other as friends, parents hold broken heart, the affection between children have also been affected,Chunyan and Zhou Bingkun are now in this situation, both parents are worried bad.Because of ChunYan off force, let Zhou Bingkun feel they have no way out, it happened that when the Zheng Juan appeared, and so more impossible with ChunYan Zhou Bingkun, men are visual animals, Zhou Bingkun see Zheng Juan, for the first time on this girl fall in love at first sight, ChunYan even try again, also won’t be any result.If Zheng Juan does not appear, zhou Bingkun and Chunyan may have a little possibility, after all, Zhou Bingkun is a filial child, both parents if insist, Zhou Bingkun should be obedient.ChunYan thought of last resort, it may also be directed, ChunYan mother ChunYan mother know her daughter’s mind, after all, as a mother, she also wants to help her daughter to his desires, but accident arose among ChunYan originally wanted and Zhou Bingkun uncooked rice to cook mature rice, but there is a Cao Debao, although Cao Debao and ChunYan contact is not a lot,But Cao Debao looked at The eyes of Chunyan, full of love, a person’s eyes can not deceive, cao Debao, of course, also want to go together quickly and Chunyan, just this time Zhou Bingkun also let Cao Debao left.Cao Debao thoughts in the heart, should with ChunYan consistent, so ChunYan “by uncooked rice to cook mature rice”, but at this time of ChunYan didn’t cry, it made the choice, the careless girl, actually is also quite smart, she always know what girls should pursue, also know why I choose Zhou Bingkun, because Zhou Bingkun is of me,Relatively soft temper, if you and Zhou Bingkun together, not only close to home, the most important is a lifetime of anger.Later Cao Debao and ChunYan things out, the active responds ChunYan Cao Debao that oneself like, things have happened, she cry and make actually didn’t help either, as well a bit flat, so that a more decent, two people together also logical, besides Cao Debao ChunYan, also like this moment ChunYan it is settle for second best, and ChunYan is really smart,She always know how to plan for themselves, there are a lot of people feel that Chunyan is too silly, so active they will suffer, Chunyan actually understand at the beginning, as long as they do not want to suffer, really will not suffer, but unfortunately she did not expect the middle will appear Cao Debao.

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