Will summer games be adjusted?Doinb live broke the news that this time the preparation for the Asian Games is serious

Doinb recently revealed some key news during a live chat about the summer schedule.He said he now knows the summer schedule will be tight and aims to finish all the events in a month and a half to give him more time to train for the Asian Games.After Doinb broke the news, many viewers began to have a heated discussion. After all, this Asian Games is the first time that esports has been recognized by a world-class sports event, and it is the first time that esports has become an official event, which is of great significance.South Korea’s attitude towards preparing for the Asian Games has been expressed for a long time. Prior to the T1 victory, south Korean officials said that they would make adjustments based on the LPL team sent in the last Asian Games exhibition competition.At that time, THE RNG of S8 was in its heyday, and The Asian Games players sent by China were mainly RNG. A total of four RNG players were arranged to participate in the Games, and these four RNG players also played a very key performance for China in the Asian Games LOL exhibition match.From this point of view, The South Korean side said that they will consider the possibility of the whole T1 team participating in the Asian Games, which means that China is likely to face the strongest Team in the Asian Games, which will put great pressure on the players.After South Korea’s announcement, Doinb revealed the schedule of the summer tournament live on air, revealing the attitude of the Chinese side to viewers.Obviously, e-sports against China’s official for the Asian games for the first time, also very seriously, otherwise also won’t put the game so compact, the previous three months to play the game, now only for a month and a half time, nature is to have more time to prepare for the game, in this time of the Asian games had good grades.On the basis of the importance both China and South Korea attach to this Asian Games, it is believed that the spectators will have a better experience.T1, who recently won the LCK Spring championship with a clean sweep, didn’t struggle against the super battleships GEN, snowballing easily in the third and fourth rounds with his line ability, but GEN couldn’t resist.In the case that GEN does not force the T1 card, LPL team will have more pressure, after all, AFTER EDG won the championship, LCK can’t wait to get back in the MSI tournament, and T1 carries the expectation of many LCK audience.If LPL can beat T1 on MSI, it will not only solidify LPL’s title of division 1, but also make many LCK audience feel the gap between LPL and LCK completely.However, if T1 wins the MSI championship, it will not only deal a blow to domestic morale, but also greatly affect the selection of the Asian Games and the expectations of the audience.At present, LCK is likely to focus on T1 players. After all, Faker has recovered a lot this year. Although he still struggles with the line when facing Chovy, Faker has much more experience and understanding ability in support and wandering than Chovy.Once LCK decides on a lineup led by Faker, LPL will not only have to deal with LCK’s strong line-up ability, but also be wary of faker’s personal experience.All in all, this year’s LPL and LCK battle is more exciting.The performances of the two teams in the regular season, playoffs, MSI and Asian Games will be compared by the audience, and the audience will be curious to know which team is the best in the world, based on the improvement of each team.So what kind of lineup will LCK send in the Asian Games this year?Is the LPL summer schedule adjustment immediately effective for the training players?Let’s wait and see!# League of Legends

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