3.75 million milliliters!Sichuan “Blood” rushed to help Jilin and Shanghai

On April 5th, Chengdu Blood Center took the lead in coordinating with several blood stations in Sichuan to prepare about 700,000 milliliters of blood for Jilin and Shanghai. This is the fourth batch of blood donated by Sichuan to Jilin and Shanghai.Since march, jilin, Shanghai local number confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections continue to increase, to fully support both during the epidemic prevention and control of clinical blood use security work, since March 1, the blood center of chengdu (sichuan province blood management center) to coordinate the province more than blood stations, several deployment of 3.75 million ml of sichuan “blood” jilin north, east Shanghai,We helped local hospitals save lives, including 2.46 million milliliters of blood from Chengdu.”China has established the national blood linkage guarantee mechanism, and the center gives full play to the role of regional blood linkage guarantee and coordinates the whole province’s blood to rush to help while fully considering, scientific research and judgment, and doing a good job in blood inventory management to ensure local blood needs.We believe that life saving does not respect geography.””Said Tian Hao, head of the blood storage and supply Department of chengdu Blood Center.Since early march after receiving support jilin Shanghai clinical use security task, the blood center of chengdu has on March 1 and two support on March 29, 2.1 million ml of blood sent to Shanghai, March 22 linkage of the blood center province eight blood stations, preparations for the 950000 ml of blood to jilin, the fourth batch of 700000 milliliters of blood will converge in chengdu after trip to jilin.The 3.75 million milliliters of blood sent to Shanghai and Jilin embodies the hearts and warmth of over ten thousand Sichuan people.

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