Procuratorial public interest litigation to protect consumer rights

In order to further safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, on March 15, Yingjiang District People’s Procuratorate jointly carried out the “3·15” food and drug safety special supervision and inspection activities, to ensure the people’s “safety on the tip of the tongue” and life and health safety.The joint inspection team visited vegetable markets, supermarkets, restaurants and pharmacies in its jurisdiction to check the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, and urged strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures such as scanning codes, temperature measurement, wearing masks and daily disinfection.The inspection focused on vegetables, fresh, rice and oil and other daily necessities and commonly used drugs, checked the inspection and quarantine registration of meat products, ready-to-eat food processing sanitation and disinfection, expired food, spoiled food and “three products” and so on.Whether there are four types of drugs sold in the pharmacy: “one withdrawal, two anti-depressants and one stop”, drug source, storage conditions and expiration date.The procurators actively publicized the Law on the Protection of The Rights and Interests of Consumers, the Law on Food Safety and other legal knowledge, answered the people’s legal advice, and at the same time publicized the knowledge of epidemic prevention, effectively improving the people’s awareness of food safety and epidemic prevention and control.Next, ying jiang district people’s procuratorate will continue to deepen the “‘ on the two ‘what I do,” big big discussion activity, learning guide prosecutors idea of the purpose of serving the people, in the protection of people’s food basket, food boxes, medicine bottles, and other areas of the public security really play the procuratorial functions of public interest litigation, to provide a powerful procuratorial security to protect people’s life safety.

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