The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been released, stipulating that TCM health services will be significantly enhanced by 2025

Beijing, March 30 (People’s Daily Online) The General Office of the State Council recently issued the “14th Five-Year Plan” for the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”), a comprehensive deployment of TCM work during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.According to the plan, by 2025, TCM health services will be significantly enhanced, policies and systems for high-quality DEVELOPMENT of TCM will be further improved, positive progress will be made in the revitalization and development of TCM, and its unique advantages in building a healthy China will be fully utilized.Around the medical, scientific research, industry, education, culture, international cooperation in key areas such as traditional Chinese medicine development, key task “planning” to deploy the ten aspects, including the construction quality and efficient service system of traditional Chinese medicine, promote traditional Chinese medicine health service ability, building high-quality talent team of Chinese medicine, the construction of high level of heritage protection and science and technology innovation system of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry with high quality,We will develop TCM health services, promote the prosperity and development of TCM culture, accelerate the opening-up and development of TCM, deepen the reform of TCM and strengthen the support for TCM development.To strengthen leading TCM hospitals to build a batch of National TCM Medical Centers In the construction of high-quality and efficient TCM service system, the Plan points out, on the one hand, to strengthen leading TCM hospitals.Relying on the strong comprehensive strength and high management level of hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the construction of a number of national medical center of traditional Chinese medicine, in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult critically ill, high-level talents of Chinese medicine, high level research and innovation transformation, major public health problem solving, modern hospital management, traditional medicine international communication on behalf of the nation’s top level;On the other hand, do excellent backbone hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine.We will strengthen the development of TCM hospitals at all levels and of various types, strengthen the mode of operation and service functions of TCM hospitals, standardize the setting of departments, push forward the implementation of construction standards, make up the weak links in the unbalanced allocation of resources, optimize the medical environment, and continuously improve infrastructure conditions.At the same time, we will strengthen the TCM service network at the community level.We will implement the 14th Five-year Plan of the Community-level TCM Service Capacity Improvement Project to comprehensively improve community-level TCM service capacity in the areas of disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, public health, and health promotion and education.According to the relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, by 2025, all TCM medical institutions run by counties will be basically covered, more than 80% of county-level TCM hospitals will reach the level of second-level FIRST-CLASS TCM hospitals, 15% of community health service centers and TCM libraries in township health centers will complete the service connotation construction.TCM services are available in 100 percent of community health service stations and more than 80 percent of village clinics, and TCM pavilions have been set up in 10 percent of community health service stations and village clinics to continuously improve the accessibility and convenience of TCM services at the community level.By 2025, TCM health management rates will reach 75 percent for the elderly and 85 percent for children, respectively. In terms of improving TCM health service capacity, the Plan says that TCM health promotion actions will be carried out, and the ongoing health care project will be upgraded.To carry out the national advantage of traditional Chinese medicine specialized subject construction, in order to meet the demand of major refractory disease prevention and control of clinical as the guidance, do best and stronger fractures and anal, pediatrics, dermatology,, acupuncture, massage and spleen and stomach disease of department of gynaecology, cardio-cerebrovascular disease, kidney disease, tumor, peripheral vascular disease and other advantages of traditional Chinese medicine college ZhuanBing, consolidate expand the advantage, driving the development of features.A project to improve TCM rehabilitation services has been launched.Relying on existing resources, a number of TCM rehabilitation centers have been established, and TCM hospitals at or above secondary level have strengthened the construction of rehabilitation (medical) departments. All the rehabilitation hospitals have traditional rehabilitation treatment rooms, and other medical institutions providing rehabilitation services are generally able to provide TCM services.Explore a rehabilitation service model that can give full play to the advantages of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine.According to the relevant official of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Plan focuses on improving TCM health management services for children, the elderly and chronic disease management, and improving TCM health management rate.We will promote contracted TCM services provided by family doctors, allocate TCM personnel to contract teams, and improve the quantity and quality of contracted TCM services.In the national basic public health service project, we strengthened the integration of medical treatment and prevention with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, and improved the content of TCM health management services.By 2025, TCM health management will cover 75 percent of the elderly and 85 percent of children.Improving TCM’s ability to participate in the prevention and treatment of emerging infectious diseases and emergency response to public health events The plan also specifically mentions enhancing TCM’s ability to participate in the prevention and treatment of emerging infectious diseases and emergency response to public health events.We will encourage TCM to play a greater role in the prevention and treatment of emerging infectious diseases and the emergency response to public health events from three aspects: improving the system of TCM’s participation in emergency management, strengthening TCM’s capacity building for emergency treatment, and strengthening TCM’s support for emergency treatment.In the prevention and control of infectious diseases, public health emergency response method in the revision of laws and regulations, such as research into insist to pay equal attention to, and combine traditional Chinese and western medicine, Chinese and western medicine and traditional Chinese and western medicine, to strengthen the construction of Chinese medical ability and other related content, promote the establishment of an effective mechanism to promote the traditional Chinese medicine in the new emergency prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and public health event emergency disposal can play a bigger role.Strengthening TCM emergency treatment capacity.Relying on high-level grade-A TCM hospitals, China will build national TCM disease prevention and control bases covering all provinces, organize TCM disease prevention and control teams based on the bases, and improve TCM emergency medical rescue capabilities.All tertiary public TCM hospitals and hospitals of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (excluding TCM specialized hospitals) have set up fever clinics, strengthening the development of infectious diseases, emergency, critical care, respiratory and laboratory departments, and improving their service capacity.We will strengthen support for TCM emergency treatment.We will strengthen the development of TCM emergency research platforms, and rationally arrange level-III biosafety laboratories.We will step up efforts to train key personnel of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine for responding to major public health events and preventing and controlling epidemics, form a talent pool with sufficient personnel, rational structure and dynamic adjustment, and improve TCM’s capacity for public health emergency response and treatment of severe diseases.We will improve the mechanism for ensuring the supply of TCM emergency supplies.The relevant person in charge of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine bureau jointly with the national health committee and other departments to further improve Chinese medicine to engage in public health emergency response mechanism, from the organization and management experts, technical solution to have the relevant personnel and the content of traditional Chinese medicine, to ensure that the first time to participate in and play a role of traditional Chinese medicine, and realize the combination of Chinese and western medicine, Chinese and western medicine.A National Expert Committee on TCM Disease Prevention and Emergency Medical Rescue and a provincial-level EXPERT group on TCM emergency medical treatment have been established to provide TCM treatment guidance immediately after the occurrence of emerging infectious diseases and major public health events.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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