The husband of actor An Yixuan has been arrested by Macao police in connection with the “Simi Hua” scandal

Eleven people were arrested in Macao last November on suspicion of running a casino in the Mainland, according to a hong Kong-based website, Judicial Police department of the Macao Special Administrative Region government said Thursday that it has detained two more Macao men in connection with the case, including Chen Ronglian, chairman of Tecjin Group and husband of Taiwan entertainer An Yixuan.It is reported that in November 2021, the Macao Police Department announced the detection of a case involving criminal groups, illegal operation of gambling and money laundering crimes, said that in August 2019 received intelligence, illegal groups using Macao to operate VIP business, set up gambling platforms overseas, to attract mainland residents for illegal online gambling.Further investigation resulted in the arrest of 11 persons, including Chau Chack-wah, at a number of residential units in The Royal Court Commercial Building and Road Ring.The Macao Police department released the news again on The 29th, and said that two Macao men were arrested in connection with the case. It is reported that the two arrested include Chen Ronglian, the chairman of Dejin Group, who is the husband of Taiwan entertainer An Yixuan;The other suspect, surnamed CAI, will hold a special press conference on The 30th to explain the case.According to the report, the mainland indictment lists a number of cases, naming the Sun City, Dejin and other Casinos in Macao.In late 2020, an indictment in a case in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, said the Macau Tecjin Group had allegedly conspired with people from the mainland to open casinos on the mainland.The indictment states that Dejin agreed to share dividends with the defendants who had become shareholders, and conspired to set up illegal gambling websites in the mainland. Dejin provided the website and the account of the electric investment bank, and transmitted the gambling pictures of The Dejin Hall in Manila, Philippines to the mainland in real time.The case also involves casino accounts belonging to Sun City, which collectively account for rmb210m.In December last year, the Macau Teckin Group announced that upon receipt of a notice from a certain casino, it would suspend its cooperation with the group. As a result, the staff of the affected venue would be dismissed. The last day of employment would be the closing day of the venue.According to media reports, the public Security bureau of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, issued a notice on the evening of December 26, 2021, saying that in July 2020, the public security bureau of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, initiated an investigation into the case of Zhang Ningning and others who opened a casino.It has been confirmed that a cross-border gambling syndicate led by Chau Chack-hua and led by Zhang Ningning is suspected of opening casinos in China.Recently, the Wenzhou People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest of zhou Chack-hua.Macao Police Department announced on the evening of December 27, 2021 that it had detected a case involving criminal groups, illegal gambling and money laundering, and arrested 11 suspects.According to a statement issued by the Macao SAR government on the same day, the Macao SAR police took zhou and others involved in the crime back to the police station for investigation in accordance with the law based on evidence obtained from previous criminal investigations.In its statement, the SAR government reiterated that all people engaged in the gambling industry in Macao must strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the state and Macao.Any acts suspected of violating Macao laws will be investigated in accordance with the law with no tolerance.Media reports show that in September 2020, Chen rong Lian paid HK $1.34 billion to acquire some shares of Lai Chun Macao held by Zhou Jin Fai and others and made an offer.On October 5 of that year, Reed Macau disclosed that the offeror had purchased a total of 1.28bn shares under the share purchase agreement, or about 20.65 per cent of the company’s total issued share capital, for A price of HK $1.34bn, or HK $1.05 per share to be sold.Prior to the completion of the acquisition, Chen Ronglian (as the beneficial owner of the Offeror) had an interest in 6.661 million shares, representing approximately 0.11% of the total issued share capital of the Company as of the date of the Joint announcement.Upon completion of the implementation, the Offeror’s Unanimous Action Group owns 4.182 billion shares, accounting for approximately 67.44% of the issued share capital of the Company at the date of the Joint Announcement, and the leader and composition of the Offeror’s Unanimous Action Group has changed, and the offeror has become the leader of the Offeror’s Unanimous Action Group.According to WindF9, Chen Ronglian’s shareholder is the actual controller.In addition, according to the latest list of board members and their roles and functions disclosed by Reed Macao in May 2021, Chen Ronglian served as co-chairman and chief executive officer.Source: Du Chuang Finance Comprehensive review: Yu Fanghua

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